Project Description


Joojoo Kouture originated with a desire to pursue Yalda & Ayda’s dreams of owning their own business and working in an industry in which they are both passionate about. After shopping for children’s clothing, it came to their attention that the styles they desired were limited.

They then dedicated their time and efforts into creating a company that would provide parents with greater options for unique and modern items.


Creative Elements Consulting Inc. has designed a new website, based on a professional WordPress structure to help JooJoo Kouture establish a long-term, efficient online platform for its customers.

The “minimalist design” allows for clear and easy navigation without getting in the way of the most important aspect of the website: the online store.

The powerful, dynamic product filter allows for a seamless browsing experience to find what customers are looking for. The size charts provide valuable information right before adding products to the cart to ensure a greater level of confidence in their choice.

The flexible shipping options, the promo code features, the related products and many more features make the experience a pleasure for customers and optimize the ability for Joojoo Kouture to sell their products.

The custom-designed forms allow the gathering of key information when initiating the first contact with visitors.

The mix of large icons, flat design, photo sliders and clear content sections & calls-to-action make up the contemporary and impactful design of this website.

The new website resides on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to benefit from the outstanding performance and security such hosting platform can provide in comparison to a “shared hosting” solution.


Joojoo Kouture needed a new professional website to develop a great online presence and serve it well as a long-term investment.

Joojoo Kouture also needed a web design company they could count on for long-term support.


The new website is “Live” as of October 2016!

Discover his new website here: Joojoo Kouture