Project Description


A legacy is built on faith, shaped by love and grows from a passion to serve. For over half a century, Bethany Care Society has been improving the lives of Alberta seniors and adults with disabilities by providing housing, health and community services that honour their spirit and individuality.

In 2015, Bethany contacted Creative Elements Consulting Inc. to help them create a professional and contemporary intranet for their 1200+ employees.

An impactful, professional and mobile-friendly website was necessary to effectively provide employees with a fantastic online experience and help them stay up-to-date with internal communications, events, training sessions, seminars and connect with other employees at different locations.


Creative Elements Consulting Inc. has designed an intranet website, based on a professional WordPress structure to help Bethany establish a long-term, efficient online platform for its employees.

The fully automated “event booking solution” provides the employees with an opportunity to signup to events and training sessions. We used events categories to help them quickly visualize what each department is scheduled for.

The “BuddyPress social platform” allows employees to connect with each other on their own private social media platform while creating groups, starting conversations and sharing with the rest of their community, regardless of which location they’re at.

The “mega menus” allow for clear and easy navigation.

The Single Sign On (SSO) allows employees to sign on once at the beginning of the day with their company login and be connected right away, through secure communication with their internal LDAP.

The new website resides on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to benefit from the outstanding performance and security such hosting platform can provide in comparison to a “shared hosting” solution.


Before the creation of the intranet, employees didn’t have a hub to connect and access all internal services. This new solution makes it more simple to access all internal services and manage their day-to-day activities while creating a community with other remote employees by connecting through the intranet.

Bethany required a website that:

  • Provides a fully automated 24/7 event booking solution
  • Provides a quick and easy way to contact department & sites
  • Provides latest news related to the organization and other departments & sites
  • Offers a private social media platform for employees to connect
  • Allows for Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Connects with their LDAP securely


The new website is “Live” as of January 2016!

For privacy and security reasons, we cannot provide access to this intranet for viewing purposes.

Please contact us should you have any questions about this project.