Project Description


Dave Greenwood is a fantastic realtor with years of expertise in the Calgary and surroundings areas real estate markets.

Dave Greenwood values the trust and confidence in the relationships he has with his clients. He is dedicated to exceptional service and is sensitive to his client’s buying and selling needs.

In 2016, he contacted Creative Elements Consulting Inc. to help him create a more professional and contemporary online presence.

An impactful, professional and mobile-friendly website was necessary to effectively provide regular visitors and customers with a fantastic online experience.


Creative Elements Consulting Inc. has designed a new website, based on a professional WordPress structure to help Dave Greenwood establish a long-term, efficient online marketing strategy.

The fully automated “realtor properties feed solution” provides the best property search experience among the competition in Calgary. The price, details, photos, videos and much more are available 24/7.

The new “parallax” effect on many pages enhances the user experience and makes it much more engaging.

The “mega menus” allow for clear and easy navigation.

The new website resides on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to benefit from the outstanding performance and security such hosting platform can provide in comparison to a “shared hosting” solution.


As Dave Greenwood had an outdated website that wasn’t truly representing his brand, professionalism and expertise faithfully, he needed a brand new website to effectively represent who he is, what he does and what’s in it for his clients.

Dave Greenwood required a website that:

  • Clearly states who he is, what he does and what’s in it for his clients.
  • Provides a fully automated 24/7 properties search solution though the MLS
  • Provides a quick and easy way to contact him
  • Provides latest news related to the Real Estate market in Calgary and surrounding areas and advice on how to make smarter Real Estate investments
  • Provides meaningful information related to certain key communities in Calgary
  • Showcases “featured properties” to market for his clients
  • Connects with other key solutions like “finding a home value” or subscribing to his newsletter
  • Offers a Mortgage Calculator for convenience and budgeting
  • Provides a solution for his clients to create an account and save properties, mark them as favorites, scheduled viewings, get automatic email updates about properties of interest and much more


The new website is “Live” as of February 2016!

Discover his new website here: Dave Greenwood Realtor Calgary