Project Description


Embroidery Classics Ltd. is a full service destination for all of your personalization needs. Based in Calgary, Alberta, they have been bringing the best in products and customer service since 2002.

In 2015, they contacted Creative Elements Consulting Inc. to help them redesign their online presence and take this opportunity to redefine the image of the company.

The previous website was obsolete, not updated regularly and wasn’t providing a great experience to the visitors. The lack of interactivity and ease of use along with the opportunity to improve SEO called for a better and more powerful online presence.

An impactful, clean, contemporary, simple to navigate and professional website that is both responsive and mobile-friendly was necessary to effectively provide potential customers with a much more professional online experience.


Creative Elements Consulting Inc. has designed a new website, based on a professional WordPress structure to help Embroidery Classics Ltd. establish a long-term, efficient online marketing strategy.

The new “timeline” effect on the “blog” page enhances the news-reading experience and make it easier to find information quickly.

The dynamic “flip images” on the “home page” provide a great and engaging way to pick the service required.

The “home slider” really captures what the company offers and provides a quick first opportunity to showcase some of its portfolio items.

The new portfolio boasts a “filterable” categories feature that helps explore Embroidery Classics’ creations.

The “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions) really enhances the customer’s experience by providing them with a self-help tool they can access 24/7 on the most commonly asked questions.

And last but not least, the completely redesigned “quote form” now offers some of the best contemporary and dynamic features available on WordPress such as “pagination forms” (forms across multiple pages), “conditional logic” (certain fields only appear when others are selected), “pre-populated fields” (with data from different places) and much more.

The new website resides on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to benefit from the outstanding performance and security such hosting platform can provide in comparison to a “shared hosting” solution.


As the old website wasn’t performing well, this project represents a complete redesign to establish a new, fantastic presence online.

Embroidery Classics Ltd. required a website that:

  • Clearly states who Embroidery Classics Ltd. is, what it does and why potential customers would benefit from its products, services and expertise
  • Helps improving the delivery of important design and process information to ensure customers understand how to request their creation to be turned into reality
  • Provides a quick and easy way to contact the company
  • Provides latest news to keep abreast on the latest and newest services and products available
  • Offers a state-of-the-art quote form to enhance the visitors’ experience and optimize Embroidery Classics Ltd.’s internal organization


The website resulting from this project has been launched in September 2015. As of November 2015, Creative Elements Consulting Inc. is no longer responsible for the appearance nor the maintenance of this domain name.