Calgary Web Design | The "Cyclo Durance Luberon" website is "Live"!Another great website created by a Calgary Web Design company you can trust!


Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s with great pleasure that I announce the launch of the new website for this cycling club located in Provence, South of France.

The “Cyclo Durance Luberon” needed a new, contemporary website to help people from all over Europe (and the Word!) find them on the map. This website is based on a solid WordPress foundation and boosts numerous great features:


  • Professional WordPress template
  • Engaging 3D slider on the home page
  • Call out banner to focus on a specific part of the website depending on what events are going on
  • An event calendar for visitors to discover what cycling trips are planned throughout the year
  • Elevation, distance and trip details per event to provide very useful information
  • A blog keeping everyone up-to-date with the cycling club’s news
  • Photo galleries with slideshow feature for great memories
  • A password-protected page to store information for members only
  • An easy way to contact the president and the members of the board, along with a google map
  • And…as the cherry on the cake, it’s in French! This is a great benefit for Canadian companies looking at being online in regards to bilingualism!


Calgary Web Design | Cyclo Durance Luberon Pertuis

Calgary Web Design | Cyclo Durance Luberon Pertuis

Would you like to check it out and get ideas for your future website?

Please navigate to the Cyclo Durance Luberon website to discover it.

I would love to hear your feedback, feel free to share in the comments section underneath!