Mail on macOS Big Sur: Fix missing Trash, Sent, Flagged and other favorites

2021-03-24T14:36:22-06:00Mar 24, 2021|Apple Training|

Since macOS Big Sur, numerous great changes have occurred but Mail seems to have been stripped out of its useful Favorites

The famous “All Sent”, “Flagged”, “All Drafts”, “All Junk”, “All Trash” and the like may not show on your newly upgraded Mail app on your Mac after the upgrade.

There’s a solution to bring them back!

  • Go to the Mail app on your Mac
  • Hover “Favorites” on the left sidebar

  • A “+” will

How to set the “Do Not Disturb” mode until the end of your next Calendar event on iPhone

2020-10-14T18:55:41-06:00Oct 14, 2020|Apple Training|

You probably already know about the “Do Not Disturb” mode on iPhone but did you know you can specify only until the end of your upcoming Calendar event?

This feature allows you to set it in accordance with a specific event, in this case, the upcoming one which can be something you’re doing that requires no distractions or a meeting or anything else that matters to you.

While you can access the “Do Not Disturb” mode on the iPhone by going

How to better manage your Mac’s battery health

2020-06-09T12:46:22-06:00Jun 9, 2020|Apple Training|

Manage your Mac’s battery better to extend its life

Since macOS Catalina 10.5.5, Apple has introduced a new “Battery Health” management feature that helps your battery last longer.

As for all electronic devices, it seems like battery duration is a pet peeve for many people.

One thing to keep in mind to put an end to this constant frustration is the fact that a battery is a chemical element that wears out over time (pretty much like anything else) and therefore provide less

Lost your Dashboard widgets after upgrading to macOS Catalina? Here are some solutions

2019-11-19T12:24:16-07:00Nov 19, 2019|Apple Training|

Were you a fan of your Dashboard widgets on Mac? Sad to lose them after upgrading to macOS Catalina?

You’re not alone…

Apple has decided to get rid of the Dashboard so cherished by some of us around the world but we found alternative solutions that made the trick for us.

See, we were using “Hot Corners” to show the Dashboard with a swift move a the magic mouse to the top left corner of our Mac.

This allowed many carefully arranged widgets

iOS 13 on iPhone: How to use “Find My” to find your iPhone and other great features

2019-09-30T08:33:30-06:00Oct 7, 2019|Apple Training|

The “Find My iPhone” feature has existed for a while but iOS 13 takes it to the next level with many more cool options.

To find it, go to Settings > tap your name at the top (you would need to be signed into your iCloud account) > Find My.

There, you will find new features such as turning on “Find My iPhone” to show your iPhone and other supported accessories on a map, the ability to share your

Did you know? You can choose your default card for payments on Apple Pay on iPhone

2019-09-30T08:02:10-06:00Oct 2, 2019|Apple Training|

If you already have setup a few credit cards on your “Wallet” on your iPhone, you may have the choice between them when time comes to pay for something with Apple Pay.

What if one of these cards was the default one for you, the one you’d like to use more often for transactions?

Well, you’re in luck because you can define your “default card” to be the top one that appears when you double-click your wake/sleep button on

iOS 13 on iPhone: How to move the cursor to a specific location in a sentence and edit text

2019-09-30T07:53:36-06:00Sep 30, 2019|Apple Training|

Before iOS 13, when you needed to edit the spelling of a word or add that comma you had forgotten by mistake, you had to tap and hold anywhere in your sentence and that would bring the “magnifying glass”.

Then, you had to somehow have enough dexterity to move along within the sentence while attempting to see the word you wanted to reach on this small magnifying glass that appeared just above your finger. While this was enough for

What you need to know before migrating your Reminders to the new app on iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad

2019-09-25T13:02:32-06:00Sep 25, 2019|Apple Training|

iOS 13 has arrived and it’s packed with fantastic new features

One of them is the new Reminders app completely redesigned from the ground up.

When you update your iPhone to iOS 13 and open the Reminders app, it will ask you if you want to migrate.

Here’s what you need to know BEFORE you migrate your reminders:

  • If you have an older iPad that hasn’t updated yet to the latest iPadOS, it will mess up your reminders and you won’t be able

Did you know? If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, you can ask your Mac to flash the screen whenever an alert sound occurs.

2019-07-30T16:25:40-06:00Jul 30, 2019|Apple Training|

These flash alerts might be useful if your Mac is trying to let you know something is not quite right with the action you’re performing on your Mac.

It could be that you’re not clicking on the right spot or entering characters that aren’t allowed or any other actions that require your attention.

To set it up, go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Audio > check the box “Flash the screen when an alert sound occurs”.

You can

How to easily manage your Mac’s storage

2019-07-30T16:22:46-06:00Jul 30, 2019|Apple Training|

To keep your Mac run correctly, it’s always a good idea to cleanup unused data and find out what’s taking space on your hard drive.

To find out what your Mac’s storage is made of, click the black Apple on the top left corner > About this Mac > Storage > Manage.

There, you will see what takes space on your Mac and what you could potentially get rid of.

You may, for example, find iOS files with iOS

How to improve your Mac’s performance with multiple users

2019-07-30T16:20:05-06:00Jul 26, 2019|Apple Training|

Your Mac is designed to handle multiple users if you need to share it with family members, friends or work colleagues.

The way it’s setup, it’s the equivalent of each user having his own Mac and no content is shared between users.

To quickly switch between users, if you’ve enabled “Show fast user switching menu as Full Name” in the System Preferences > Users & Groups, you can simply click the name of the current user on the

How to check your iPhone battery health

2019-07-30T16:16:19-06:00Jul 19, 2019|Apple Training|

iPhones batteries, like any other battery-powered devices, become less efficient as they age.

Although newer iPhones now have greater battery performance from the battery itself and the software managing it, the battery will eventually lose performance over time.

A quick and easy way to find out if your iPhone battery is still at peak performance is to go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

You’ll see the “Maximum Capacity” or how powerful your battery is in comparison to

How to use Time Zone on your Mac Calendar while travelling

2019-07-12T02:33:21-06:00Jul 12, 2019|Apple Training|

Use different Time Zones on your Mac calendar to manage meetings with worldwide team members and clients

When time comes to figure out if you’ll be available at a certain time in their time zone for a video/phone meeting, using time zone support on your Mac calendar can make your life a lot easier.

You’ll be able to view your events in your time zone and know what time it corresponds to in the relevant time zone of your correspondents.

This is useful

How to view your Calendar events details on iPhone

2019-06-05T12:58:50-06:00Jun 5, 2019|Apple Training|

Your Calendar on iPhone is a great way to get organized

But what if you have many events back-to-back with much information within, how do you clearly see what’s next?

Fortunately, there’s a simple trick to help you visualize your events better:

Whether you’re using the “Day” or “Week” view, simply use two fingers together to pinch and zoom out to see more details and bring them together to zoom in and see an overview.

This way, you may be able to notice some

How to backup your Mac while asleep

2019-05-15T12:15:55-06:00May 15, 2019|Apple Training|

If you own a Mac laptop, you may be wondering how to best back it up so you don’t lose precious files like your photos for example

Did you know that your Mac can backup through Time Machine while asleep?

This is a great solution if you want to ensure you perform regular backups while avoiding being tethered to an external hard drive during the day when you may want to move your Macbook around wherever you go.

What is “Power Nap”?


How to turn off Apps updates on your iPhone to save cellular data

2019-05-10T14:01:05-06:00May 10, 2019|Apple Training|

Did you just go over your monthly cellular data allowance on your iPhone?

We bet that didn’t feel good to pay extra data just to cover the few days left until renewal…

You can save a lot of data by turning it off where it’s not necessary, such as apps updates.

These updates can easily be done next time your iPhone is connected to a wifi network, therefore not using cellular data.

Here’s how to turn it off:

  1. Go to Settings > iTunes &

How to use the “Bedtime” feature on your iPhone to sleep better

2019-03-18T11:55:38-06:00Mar 18, 2019|Apple Training|

The Bedtime feature allows you to create a good pattern to get the most out of your sleep

This Bedtime feature is located within your “Timer” options on your iPhone:

  1. The easiest way to access it is to swipe down from the top of your iPhone screen (from outside the screen down) to reveal the “Control Center”.
  2. Tap the “Timer” icon then “Bedtime”
  3. It will ask you what days of the week you want the feature to work
  4. You’ll also choose

Did you know? Your iPhone has a magnifier to help you see things better

2019-02-21T12:39:20-07:00Feb 21, 2019|Apple Training, Make your life easier|

Sometimes, regardless of age, text on a newspaper, book or magazine is a bit too small for our eyes…

Did you know your iPhone has a magnifier to help you see better?

To activate it, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier and turn it “on”.

Now, back to using your iPhone, when you stumble upon text too small to read or simply an item you may want to magnify to view better, simply triple-click the side button of your iPhone

How to reconnect your Apple TV hub to Homekit

2019-02-13T12:17:54-07:00Feb 13, 2019|Apple Training|

Your Apple TV can be used as a hub for all your smart home gadgets that work with Homekit

This is a great solution to manage everything remotely through your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Although it tends to work really well most of the time, you may encounter some connectivity issues.

Here are the two most commons issues that can happen with your Apple TV and your iPhone related to Homekit (and their solutions):

1-Your Apple TV is no longer showing the “Home”

Did you know? You can deactivate the voice navigation while using Maps on iPhone

2019-01-16T15:36:13-07:00Jan 16, 2019|Apple Training|

How to use Apple Maps on your iPhone without the navigation voice

Maybe you’re enjoying your music or podcasts or even audiobooks while driving and would still like to use the navigation feature of Maps without the voice telling you at every corner you need to turn.

This can be a game changer as too many voice prompts through the stereo system of your vehicle and you won’t even recognize the song your were listening to as it paused it too many

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