How to design a fantastic email signature

2017-11-16T16:29:09-07:00Oct 11, 2017|Design, Make your life easier|

Let’s face it: you probably have tried to design your own signature and it looks pretty bad…

Did you know you can create a fantastic email signature that looks professional across your devices?

Did you also know that a great email signature can help you boost sales?

What should a great email signature include?

  • name
  • photo or company’s logo
  • position
  • company’s name
  • phone number
  • email address
  • website URL
  • social media icons that link to

Style your WordPress login page

2017-11-16T16:29:37-07:00Jun 7, 2017|Design, WordPress|

It’s time to make your WordPress login page more attractive…

Let’s face it, the default WordPress login page is pretty boring, isn’t it?

Why not make it more elegant and attractive for yourself and potentially any contributors to your site?

Wouldn’t it be great if your login page’s design was consistent with your website’s?

How to customize your WordPress login page

We’ve tried many plugins and found one we really like: LoginPress.

It’s easy to use, you can add a background image that suddenly makes

How to easily setup comments on your WordPress posts and protect them against spam

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Your blog posts are a great way to engage your audience on your WordPress website

Setup the comments feature and protect them against spam

AkismetA blog on your website is one of the best ways to engage your audience with high-quality content.

To engage your audience even more, we would recommend to provide an opportunity to leave a comment and participate to the discussion, which, in turn, will create a community around your platform.


How to

Double check your WordPress website on many browsers for consistency

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Make sure your visitors have the same experience regardless of the browser they use

Browser on iMacWhether you’re creating your own WordPress website or you’ve engaged the skills of a team of WordPress experts, you need to ensure you test your website on many different web browsers.

Although companies that power the most popular browsers do a great job of keeping them up-to-date and performant, sometimes your website may not display exactly as

Check your WordPress website on all devices for better user experience

2017-11-16T16:31:20-07:00Apr 27, 2016|Design, Website Maintenance, WordPress|

Improve user experience by checking your WordPress website on desktop, laptops, smartphones and tablets

wp-dkblue-orange-640x960Although you may have picked a “responsive” theme which helps your content adapt dynamically to the display size, you may wish to check your entire website on all devices yourself to ensure a great user experience.

Sometimes, certain elements may move in an usual way on smartphones or tablets that could interfere with the way the content should flow.


Creativity requires time!

2018-07-20T11:41:26-06:00Jan 16, 2014|Business Event, Design|

We live in a world of “instant gratification”. Most people don’t have patience for anything anymore. Creativity is expected to come up instantly…

As a web designer, I’m often asked by my clients to do more work in less time. And from what I hear around amongst competitors and other freelancers, they’re in the same situation.

What happened to the time when people valued quality and creativity over time?

I understand that projects have deadlines and it’s

How should a good website look like?

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Calgary Web Design | How should a good website design look like?

You’re either creating a brand new website or thinking to redesign an old one.
How should it look like? Where do you start?
Let’s look at suggestions to help you get some layout and colors ideas.


What services or products do you offer?

Think about what already works in your industry and

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