Some of the coolest iPhone 6 features (Part 3) | Apple TrainingThe iPhone 6 & iOS 8 are here, let’s discover some of the coolest features (Part 3)

Record your voice or a video instead of typing a text message

We live in a fast-paced world. Texting and driving can be very dangerous, let alone punished by law. Texting and walking can present some dangers too.

How about walking to your next appointment downtown and recording your voice to let your client know you’re running late, without the need to look at your iPhone?

Not only I find it more convenient but you’ll finally get those eyes of yours up and look at the world again, that “real” world you’ve forgotten because you’re looking down at your iPhone all the time.

Who knows, you might also be lucky and get a smile from a stranger that will make your day!

How to use it:

  1. Open the Messages app
  2. Tap and hold on the record button on the right to start recording your voice.
  3. Release when you’re done and tap the play button to ensure you’re satisfied with the message (as it starts right away when you tap and hold, that can sometimes be surprising)
  4. When you’re done, tap the up arrow and your voice recording is sent, voila!

It works the same way for your video, open the Messages app and tap and hold on the video, it will start recording right away and continue as long as you hold the button. Once done, either preview or up arrow to push it to your message.

Contact your favorite people quickly

When you double press on the “Home” button of your iPhone, it not only gives you access to the apps that are currently running in the background to easily switch between them or quit them altogether but also it shows you your recent and favorite contacts at the top.

Your iPhone knows who you’ve contacted recently either by phone or text message or even FaceTime and gives you access to them.

A simple tap will unveil options like “call”, “message” or “facetime”.

Easily navigate Mail

It’s easier that ever in iOS 8 to navigate your emails.

Simply swipe left to reveal options like “more”, “flag” or “trash” or swipe right to mark as unread.

You can even customize the swipe your way if you’d like it to be the reverse of what I’ve mentioned above in Settings>Mail, Contacts & Calendar>Swipe options.

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