Dropbox: Get Started

  • February 20, 2017
    6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


New resolution: Get organized!

We know, you probably had this new year resolution, last year, the year before and the year before that… But have you really organized your stuff?

Time for a change! Learn how to put all your stuff in a box on a cloud and get organized to find anything from anywhere 24/7 and even collaborate and share easily.

And for all of you, “expert procrastinators” (you know who you are), now is the time, join this webinar and make a change!

Investment: ONLY $50 (+GST) for this fantastic workshop!

The Workshop

We’ll learn:

  • What is Dropbox?
  • The different accounts and pricing available
  • Examples of what to store on your account
  • Ways to access your Dropbox account
  • Security
  • How to share
  • How to collaborate

Join to learn and have fun, leave empowered and confident!

How it works


By signing up, you will attend the workshop from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you may be in the world!

We use the online solution called “AnyMeeting” to offer webinars.

PLEASE READ THE ATTENDEE GUIDES to find answers to your questions BEFORE the webinar starts.

We want to ensure every participants has a great experience so we will not be able to help troubleshooting any connectivity issues with each individual when the webinar has started.

Webinars offer numerous benefits to participants:

  • No need to travel, no traffic, no parking needed, no more travelling in scorching heat or freezing cold
  • Learn from the comfort of your home, office, cafe, a white sand beach or anywhere else you may be!
  • No need to bring your heavy iMac to the workshop
  • Access the webinar from your Mac/PC/Smartphone/Tablet and have fun learning!
  • No need to share your webcam, you have more privacy
  • Webinars are in “listen-only” mode so only the presenter will be able to talk and be heard by the participants. This makes the workshop a smoother experience with no sound distractions.
  • Participants communicate with the presenter and the other participants through the chat feature. Ask questions, react to another person’s question, follow up, everybody contributes while the presenter addresses questions as they come.
  • Need to leave the room for a few minutes? Did you miss something? No worries! The webinar is recorded for your convenience and will be available to you after the workshop has ended so you can go back to any parts of the workshop at your own pace and fine tune your newly acquired knowledge.

The Fine Print

The duration of the workshop is 1.5 hours. Please be ready 15 minutes early to ensure your computer/smartphone/tablet is ready and works correctly so we can optimize the learning time for the enjoyment of all participants. Once a reservation is made, refunds cannot be issued. If you cannot attend the workshop, you will still have access to the full recording of the workshop so you can watch it later on and learn at your own pace.

To purchase it as a gift or if you have any questions, please contact us.