Calgary Web Design | Networking for a better human interactionLast Tuesday, I had the pleasure of participating to a networking event at the Business Link downtown Calgary and once again they’ve delivered!

There was a half an hour presentation then it was time to meet new people.

I’ve had such a good time and met wonderful entrepreneurs like me who all showed so much passion for what they believe in.



So why is networking so vital for your business?

Networking is bringing back the good old fashioned ways of doing business, like meeting in person!

How many of us are guilty of putting our head down and working for hours, days, weeks in a row without meeting anyone new?

Sure, you’ve probably collaborated with a great web designer to help you market your website and enhance SEO but is that enough to generate leads? Sometimes yes, sometimes an actual face-to-face discussion is great too.

So far, the large majority of projects I’ve signed were with clients I had met in person and took the time to share a discussion with.

What happened to the hand shake? To the smile on people’s faces? To the excitement and enthusiasm generated by discussing great ideas?

Pretty tough to get that through an email, eh?

And to all the shy people out there, please take you courage with you and get out of your house to meet people!

I’ve met a great wedding photographer, a fashion (clothing + jewelry) designer, a painter and many other wonderful entrepreneurs.

It’s time to get out and meet people, not only you’ll feel more “human” and get away from your computer but you’ll also have an amazing opportunity to tell the World how wonderful you are!


Your turn! What do you think?

Are you the “outgoing” kind or the “shy” one? Share your thoughts below if you feel like it!