New resolution: Get organized!

We know, you probably had this new year resolution, last year, the year before and the year before that… But have you really organized your stuff?

Time for a change! Learn how to put all your stuff in a box on a cloud and get organized to find anything from anywhere 24/7 and even collaborate and share easily.

And for all of you, “expert procrastinators” (you know who you are), now is the time, join this webinar and make a change!

The Workshop

We’ll learn:

  • What is Dropbox?
  • The different accounts and pricing available
  • Examples of what to store on your account
  • Ways to access your Dropbox account
  • Security
  • How to share
  • How to collaborate

How it works

This is a recording of a previous webinar so you can benefit from the presentation and the Q&A between the presenter and the audience.

NOTE: This is a recording of a live webinar to watch at your own pace.

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