Top 10 hidden iOS 7 tips and tricks (in my opinion) - Apple Training

iOS 7 tips and tricks: the “Ultimate Selection”!

There are wonderful lists of iOS 7 tips and tricks on the web and I felt like bringing you my own personal selection

No, this is not the “50 or 100” best tips and tricks. Time is precious and a top 10 list will be easier to digest than ALL of the features that iOS 7 offers.

So, this is a collection of the most hidden, fantastic, useful tips I like:


Send Apple Maps To Your iPhone

Plan your trip with Maps on your Mac then send it to your iPhone and you’re on your way!
To use this feature, you need to have installed OSX Mavericks on your Mac. Simply create your itinerary then click the “Share” button and send to your iPhone.

Top 10 hidden iOS 7 tips and tricks (in my opinion) - Apple Training


Shake and undo deleted Mail

Have you ever trashed or archived an email to realize you wanted it back?
Simply shake your iPhone (hold it tight) and you get the “undo” feature. Pretty cool!
Top 10 hidden iOS 7 tips and tricks (in my opinion) - Apple Training


Custom vibrations for contacts

What a great way to know who’s calling or sending you a text message without having to look at your phone!
Simply go to Contacts, choose a contact, tap Edit>Vibration and pick one of the vibrations or create a new one yourself. Creating one is actually a lot of fun, I encourage you to try it out!


Grab the .com, .ca and other extensions quickly

When typing an address, tap and hold on the period on the keyboard to reveal the most popular extensions.
Time saving my friends, time saving…
Top 10 hidden iOS 7 tips and tricks (in my opinion) - Apple Training


Camera flash alert

This is super fancy: you can get your phone to flash when an alert comes.
To activate it, go to Settings>Accessibility>LED Flash for Alerts.
Or simply use it as a stroboscope for your next party!


Drag & drop calendar events

What a relief… finally, you can simply use gestures to move calendar events around!
I often have to reschedule appointments or blocks of time and this is a huge time saver.

To move an event, simply tap and hold on it then move it left or right to change the day or up and down to reschedule it at a different time the same day.

To resize it, tap and hold until the top or bottom bubbles appear then grab one to resize up or down.


Quit an app

I know, I know, you used to double press the “home” button then tap and hold the apps until the “red minus sign” appeared.
Apple has changed this in iOS 7, you now need to double press the “home” button then simply “flick” up any app you wish to quit for good. Doing so can help with a “frozen” app or simply quitting apps that use a lot of battery like Skype.


Background App Refresh

Are you looking for a big battery life saver tip? This is probably one of the best. Your apps refresh in the background by default according to your location.
To turn it off, go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh and turn it off.



That’s the cool dynamic effect you’ll find on the new wallpapers and the way icons and other items come and go from your screen. If you’re feeling some kind of “motion sickness” or simply wish to save more battery life, go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion and turn it on.


Block Numbers

We all have received some phone calls from people we don’t wish to interact with anymore such as telemarketers. Or maybe you wish to stop your Boss from calling you at 3am to find out if you’ve finished the report?
Simply tap the “information” icon (the little “i”) near the number you wish to block, scroll down and tap “Block this Caller”.


These were some notable iOS 7 tips and tricks I wanted to share with you. There are so many more but I really like this list.

Would you like to share some of your favourite tips and tricks? Leave a comment below!