We believe that more people should know WHY you’ve started your company in the first place, not just what you’re doing or how you’re doing it.

Chances are, your common denominator is to “help people” through the products and services you offer. That’s also why we do what we do.

Let’s create a “megaphone” to amplify your vision and mission.

Delightful experiences. Beautiful design. Higher Performance and Lead Conversion.
Create engaging online experiences, attract new customers and tell them why you’re fantastic at what you do.

Make your website your best asset online.

Calgary Web Design

We are a Calgary Web Design Agency and we focus on WordPress solutions, Ecommerce and great User Experience.

We start your onboarding by a meeting with our Project Manager, Professional Copywriter and Creative Director to dive into your specific requirements and objectives.
We then create a detailed strategy to implement the solutions to help you succeed online.
Your new website will simply crush your competition. Through a contemporary evolutive design, engaging content and great functionalities, we’ll create a user experience that delights your visitors. We’ll take it even further by establishing a powerful SEO foundation then we can go beyond through a complete Digital Marketing Strategy.
Onboarding Meeting | Digital Marketing Agency Calgary | Creative Elements Consulting

We know it’s important for you to be able to make content updates on your website or even manage your online sales and products through your ecommerce platform. That’s why we leverage the full power of WordPress and our Custom Training Services to empower you to do so easily.

Customer Meeting | Creative Elements Consulting

We offer a great level of flexibility so your website evolves as your company grows.

Want to add ecommerce later on? Need to turn it into a multilingual website? Do your customers have special accessibility requirements? We have solutions for you.

We’ll grow alongside you and your company and become long-term trusted partners to help you succeed online.

We focus on the bigger picture


Sell your products/services online and create powerful automation.

Secure & Mobile-Friendly

Offer a secure and mobile-friendly website to your customers, they will love you for that.

Event Bookings

Take bookings securely online. Offer online/virtual events, in-person events, conferences, speaking engagements and events you’ve partnered with.


Sell memberships online and provide content/products/services/videos to your members only, while generating recurring revenue for your business.

Multilingual Website

Offer multilingual engaging content and make it very easy to switch. Turn your e-commerce or any other features in the language your customers speak.

Appointment Bookings

Get your customers to book appointments with you and your team automatically online and add many great features to simplify the process for your admin staff.


Setup a directory and charge a fee to appear on such listings. Connect it to your membership solution for more recurring revenue.


Rent anything you want through your website and offer great features to simplify the process for your customers. Cars, tools, bicycles, venues,  electronics, you can even create specific packages and variations.

“Creative elements remade the website for my dental practice and I couldn’t be happier. It is beautiful, modern and of course functions well for our patients. I would highly recommend them.”

Jennifer Graas

Dentist | eauclaireparkdental.ca

The Difference:

We believe in being proactive to anticipate your needs. We constantly strive to find ways to improve your website’s impact on your customers and we regularly share new opportunities to reach success.

We will keep the lines of communication open, we’ll be transparent, honest, show integrity and request your valuable feedback along the way for true collaboration.

Your website is how people will see you and your company and if their first experience is mediocre, you could be the best at what you do, it won’t matter.

We will design a state-of-the-art website to help you tell the world how wonderful you are and it will offer a fantastic user experience on computers and mobile devices. It will represent a new solid platform upon which you can build what you’ve envisioned.

Even the most beautiful design will not turn your visitors into customers if they can’t feel engaged by your content. Instead of making them “click”, make them “care”. Instead of writing content that helps you sell as much as possible, create some that helps you make a difference in your customers’ lives. Create a feeling of connection and belonging and your financial objectives will be met naturally.

It’s easy to focus on the wrong Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). While an increase in website traffic or new social media like/followers are great, the pertinent questions you should ask are “How much revenue has marketing generated for my company?” or “What marketing source has prompted a lead to convert into a customer?”. 

This is exactly what we provide. All of our Digital Marketing Plans include your own Lead Tracking portal and Custom Marketing Performance reports you can access 24/7. You’ll be able to track, organize and value your leads and generate meaningful reports to calculate an accurate Return On Investment (ROI).

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Let’s create a fantastic online presence to take your company to the next level.

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