What's CIRA & what does it mean for you? | WordPress ExpertWhat is CIRA and why the fact that Creative Elements Consulting Inc. is a member benefits you?

CIRA is the Canadian Internet Registration Authority and is the not-for-profit Canadian corporation responsible for operating Canada’s .CA Internet country code Top Level Domains.

As a member, Creative Elements Consulting Inc. keeps abreast of the shaping of the Internet in Canada with new laws, regulations, technologies, personal and professional uses and everything in between.

This, in turn, benefits you (if you’re lucky to be a client of Creative Elements Consulting Inc.!) so you can be confident that, when presented with a proposal for a new online presence, it is done in accordance with the way the Internet operates in Canada to benefit all Canadians.


Creative Elements Consulting Inc. was represented at the latest CIRA’s Symposium!



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