The Creative Elements Consulting Inc. story began in 2011 when the Entrepreneur in me was getting ready for a new venture.

Numerous people were telling me stories of their web designer who had gone missing, wasn’t willing to help them update their website, was charging them outrageous amounts of money for a low quality product, was holding onto the web files as a leverage and the list goes on.

I was ready to offer the “real” professional service that is expected today from a web designer: knowledgeable, great listener, courteous, respectful, professional, open-minded and most of all able to turn technical concepts into simple language the client can understand!

I had the opportunity to work as a “Creative/Trainer” in an Apple Store, and discovered that a number of visitors expressed a need to have a personal Apple Trainer help them in the comfort of their home or office.

Apple products are life-changing as they enable us to create freely and achieve dreams we never thought were possible before.

But how do people have more fun and are more productive if they don’t know how to use them?

Offering One-to-One services at home and Group Training in great locations has proven to be very beneficial for numerous people.

Today, Creative Elements Consulting Inc. is represented by a team of experts in their fields and offers Calgary Web Design and Calgary Apple Training  with professionalism, passion and a smile!

The Company

Creative Elements Consulting Inc.’s mission is to:

  • provide small and medium businesses with professional websites that are aesthetically beautiful, functional and easy to use and maintain
  • provide a complete web solution including but not limited to web design, graphic design, professional videos and photos, marketing and music
  • provide individuals and businesses with state-of-the-art Personal Training on Apple technology
Creative Elements Consulting Inc. will be recognized for its professionalism, outstanding customer service and focus on education & innovation in provision of services related to information technology.
Creative Elements Consulting Inc. has an educational approach towards contemporary technologies. Nowadays, knowledge is only the first step, one needs the skills to share and communicate effectively how these technologies can benefit one’s clients.
Creative Elements Consulting Inc.’s promise is to keep abreast of the new trends in Web Design and Apple Training to support its clients staying up to date and competitive and therefore building long-lasting relationships with them.

Success Story

Working with Aurelien was a pleasure. To pick only three attributes doesn’t fully describe the service he provides.
From the beginning concept of what we were looking for right through to the final product, Aurelien was on target and exceeded our expectations and needs.

His timeliness, efficiency and creativity made the project effortless. Aurelien takes the time to understand all aspects of the client.

His product and service is a great display of passion and knowledge.

Jackie Vallis, HR Manager, Lighthouse Camp Services Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada