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Web Design and Apple Training | Creative Elements Consulting Inc.

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We had Aurelien Jondeau from “Creative Elements by Aurelien” come to our home to set up some electronic issues that we were unable to do ourselves. Aurelien is a great listener, did all the required tasks and like the terrific teacher that he is, he reviewed what he had done, I took notes on all the steps and he verified/corrected them, and he left us a very happy pair. We can now use our TV as we had planned, use the ‘Apple TV’ and run a slide show from both the Mac and PC computers through the TV or the iPhone. The truth is that we are not that tecky even though we have a lot of tecky stuff around, however, with Aurelien’s direction, everything works and it is all wonderful. BTW, did you know that you can use your iPhone as a lazer when showing slide shows on the TV?  Very cool!
Colleen Peake