WordPress Security

Trust takes years to build and just a moment to lose.

Building trust with your audience online can lead to great business opportunities.

We provide professional tools to secure your website so your audience can trust you for creating a safe online experience.

Is your WordPress website secure?


Successful Rate

All clients’ websites are protected 24/7/365 with high security starting on our server, all the way down the individual website.


Websites Hacked

The only time we encountered a hacked website was when a company in distress called for our support in fixing it. Once done, they knew they had found a team they could trust and they became our client.


Website backups a year

We perform daily backups to recover your website in no time. Peace of mind is what you get.

24/7/365 Uptime Monitoring

Your website is monitored by our uptime monitoring software every minute, 24/7/365 from numerous locations around the world. In the unlikely event your website goes down, we’ll be notified to take corrective action before you or your customers even notice it.

Hosting Security

Benefit from a state-of-the-art hosting environment. Through our hosting partner, we offer a high-performance Cloud KVM server with LiteSpeed Technology with one of the highest levels of security available. When your hosting server and your website are both secure, you get a winning combination.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate secures all communications between your website and the device accessing it. Your customers’ online payments, information sent through contact forms and other interactions will be encrypted end-to-end. Show the word “Secure” and the padlock icon on your customers’ browser to generate more trust.

Gain search engine rankings as Google favours secure websites.

Daily Backups

We backup your WordPress website daily to a remote secure location in an encrypted way. We offer restoration tools as a contingency plan to protect your online investment and recover it quickly if need be.

Website Login Page

Hide the login page of your WordPress website to make it more difficult for hackers to attempt a “brute-force” attack, meaning trying multiple usernames and passwords until successful.

Strong Passwords

Enforce a strong password policy across your website. We partner with you to educate your team on how to manage confidential information, use a password vault software to keep them safe and learn best practices to avoid common mistakes that can lead to weaker security.

Happy Client Testimonial | Creative Elements Consulting

“Creative Elements helped us recover our website from a major hack a while back. They were professional and did exceptional work, and within a matter of hours our site was back up and secure. Highly recommend the team for technical website services; very knowledgeable and conducts in a very professional matter.”

Cody Battershill

Realtor and founder of Canada Action

We protect your online reputation so you can focus on delighting your customers.

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