Productivity Training

What if you could do what you do everyday better, faster and even automate parts of it while ensuring utmost quality and value?

What will you do with all that free time you just carved into your schedule?

Learn to harness the power of the best online platforms and apps to boost your productivity and efficiency.

We offer custom One-to-One and Team Training sessions (Onsite and Online) to help you grow and be more successful.

An Apple a day…

Your Apple devices are designed to make your life easier.

Sync data across devices, start on one device, continue on another, your life and business at your fingertips, your personal smart assistant…

Get training and feel empowered to make the most out of your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

Give yourself some “Slack”

Have you ever dreamed of a centralized place to communicate with your team and connect the apps you already use and love?

This is what Slack does and it’s a game-changer!

Create channels for specific conversations, follow-up on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, connect the apps you already use for centralized notifications and actions and much more…

No more endless email threads with dozens of attachments, collaborate like a pro with Slack!

Asana or How to collaborate with your team like a pro!

Create boards, assign tasks, create dependencies, turn them into a beautiful, visual Project Timeline.

Invite your team members, your vendors, suppliers, clients, share updates, connect your favorite apps, keep track of your projects’ progress…

We use it every day and it’s helping us reach success with our clients.

Ready to explore Asana to be successful and collaborate efficiently?

Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations on Google Drive to collaborate “live” with your team.

Share them, fine-tune access permissions, provide suggestions and comments, all within your Google Drive account. 

Are you still using Word to create documents?

Do yourself a favour, learn how Google Docs simplifies collaboration.

Your newsletters have never looked so good…

Learn how MailChimp’s automation tools can help you become a Digital Marketing King or Queen and help you “Wow” your customers!

Store and share your files securely on the cloud.

No more files that reside only on your computer, make it available for your team to collaborate better. Fine-tune access permissions, comment on files, password-protect them if need be, set shared link expiry date and much more.

No more attaching files to emails!

Create forms with virtually unlimited features and options!

Find out what your customers think about your products and services, create Net Promoter Score surveys, gather meaningful insight to create actionable items and grow your business.

Save time and de-clutter your mind!

Dashlane helps you store all your passwords, secure notes, IDs, credit cards and more to a secure vault.

Protect yourself, your team and your business today, learn to make the most of Dashlane!

“My experience with Creative Elements Consulting Inc has been very positive. They have supported a complete overhaul of my filing system which is now much improved. I was also coached and taught new skills making me a more self-sufficient IT user. Thumbs up!”

Cendrine Tremblay

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Want to get training on an app/software you don’t see on the list above?

Let us know, we’ll either create a custom training for you or refer you to one of our partners.

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