How does the SLIDING SCALE RATE work for “Group Training”?2016-11-14T12:44:01-07:00

This rate is based on the “One-to-One Training” hourly rate found here.

It applies to individuals only, when you feel like bringing your friends or family members to the training and learn together.

Here’s how it works:

  • 2 participants: 75% each of the “One-to-One Training” hourly rate
  • 3 participants: 60% each of the “One-to-One Training” hourly rate
  • From 4 participants up to 10 maximum: 50% each of the “One-to-One Training” hourly rate

Note: Should you wish to setup a presentation for a group larger than 10 participants, please contact us to discuss your needs.

What is the minimum number of people to be considered a “Group Training”?2016-11-14T12:44:01-07:00

The minimum number of people required for a training session to be deemed a “Group Training” is two.
For one person, the “One-to-One Training” prices apply.

Example: You wish to be trained at your home with a friend of yours. This is considered “Group Training” and the  sliding scale rates apply to the two of you.

In essence, the more you are, the more you save!

I’ve been using a PC for years and I’m new to Mac. Can you help?2016-08-02T16:34:22-06:00

You are the perfect candidate for such training sessions!
Aurelien has trained thousands of people who were PC users and the move to a Mac was smooth and easy.
We understand it can be frightening to learn something completely new but this is exactly why we’re here to help you!
Even if you’re simply new to computers, we can help.
Aurelien has been trained at the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California when he was working for the company and has acquired strong skills related to adult learning methodologies.
Whatever your levels of confidence, of knowledge, of comfort are, he can adapt to your learning style.

Contact us now to discuss your specific needs!

What is the maximum number of people you accept in a “Group Training”?2016-11-14T12:44:01-07:00

We tend to limit groups of participants to a maximum of 10 people when training in person. This is primarily to ensure every participant has a great learning experience and gets enough attention to ask questions and share with the group.

From experience, the dynamics of such group size are fantastic and really nurture every participant to feel engaged, inspired and empowered throughout the training session.

For webinars (online workshops), the current maximum number of participants is 30.

Note: Should you wish to setup a presentation on-site for a group larger than 10 participants, please contact us to discuss your needs.

What types of payment do you accept?2016-11-14T12:44:02-07:00

For any of the services we offer, we accept Paypal, Interac, cheques and cash.
However, our preferred method is Interac (Bank transfer through email) as it is the most convenient for both the client and ourselves and very fast to setup through your online banking. You can even pay right from your smartphone!

How does online training work?2016-11-14T12:44:02-07:00

For individuals, we usually use Skype to facilitate online training sessions. Most of the time, the “share screen” option on Skype is enough for us to follow what you’re doing on your computer and guide you at the same time.
Should you need more help, we can use applications like “Team Viewer” to take control of your computer, provided you’ve granted us access to it. It is useful especially when dealing with situations requiring more support than training such as your email is not working or you need to see an example of a task in action before learning how to perform it yourself.

For webinars (online workshops), we use the solution called AnyMeeting through their “Webinar Pro” software. It’s very easy to use and allows you to attend a webinar from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

If in the future I wish to use another web designer, how easy it is to transfer my website?2015-04-24T15:59:03-06:00

We hope this day never comes and you’ll always be satisfied with our services! ;-)

We’re committed to providing you with the best service as web designers and to communicate clearly and honestly at all times.

However, if we’ve tried everything to resolve your situation and you’re still not 100% satisfied, we commit to good business practices and will help you transfer the entire website to your new web designer. You will be responsible for the payment of this transfer which will be billed per hour.

Will I be able to update my website myself?2016-11-14T12:44:02-07:00

Yes, although please note that becoming a fully skilled web designer takes years!
You’ll be able to make small modifications and create your own content, especially on the blog page of your website. However, there are plenty of very specific features on a website that require technical knowledge. These can be handled by our company for your peace of mind.

We offer two options:

  1. You wish to update parts of your website yourself (we can discuss roles and responsibilities according to your desired level of permissions)
  2. [Recommended] You prefer to leave the updates, backups and general maintenance of your website to us (we offer website maintenance plans for your peace of mind)
Will my website be on the first page of a Google search after SEO?2016-11-14T12:44:02-07:00

We provide the basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) within the web design package, which means your website is ready to be found in accordance with the major search engines recommendations.

However, no one can promise to place your website within the top rankings as the algorithms used by search engines are extremely complex and take a multitude of factors into consideration. They also change over time to adapt to new web standard procedures and practices, hence the “ongoing” nature of an SEO strategy.

We offer online marketing solutions and recommendations to enhance your website’s SEO. Even the best-looking website cannot be found if no marketing is done as part of an ongoing strategy. Keywords, clear website structure, sitemap are vital for a website but are not enough for it to be found at the top search results.

Contact us now for more information.

How much do you charge for Apple Training?2014-06-05T15:55:43-06:00

Please click here to find out more.

How far can you drive for on-site training?2016-11-14T12:44:02-07:00

We offer training within Calgary City limits. However, we have trained clients in Canmore in the past and would be willing to discuss specific requirements if your location is outside Calgary.

Most of the time, we can facilitate training sessions anywhere in the world over the internet.
Click here to find out more.

When can I expect my website to go “Live”?2015-04-24T16:03:39-06:00

Usually, we quote 2 to 3 months for the completion of a regular website. We’ll provide you with a more accurate project timeline when we meet to discuss your requirements and scope the entire project.

Where is my website hosted when I host it with Creative Elements Consulting Inc.?2016-11-14T12:44:02-07:00

When you get the “hosting service” option with Creative Elements Consulting Inc., your website is hosted either on a shared hosting environment or a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Nowadays, we tend to use shared hosting less and advise our clients to move towards a VPS for much better performance, increased security and speed.

What are my options in terms of training times?2016-08-02T16:33:28-06:00

We usually facilitate sessions Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm.
Should you have specific needs such as an emergency training session because you need to know how to use “presenter notes” in Keynote minutes before your presentation for example, we might be able to help, it would vary from case to case.
Contact us now with your specific request and we’ll get in touch with you shortly after!

Can I invite a friend to my Apple Training Session?2016-11-14T12:44:02-07:00

We have setup two types of training sessions to cater to your needs. A “One-to-One session” is for one person. A “Group” session is from two persons up to ten maximum.
If you wish to have a friend with you, we can setup a “Group Training” session at your home.
Click here to find out more.

How much do you charge to design a website?2016-08-02T16:36:17-06:00

Great question! What we can do for you is provide you with a price range associated with website features here and even a free proposal once we’ve discussed your needs. Contact us now to meet and find out how we can collaborate on great projects together!

Can I choose any topic I want for my Apple Training Session?2015-04-24T16:08:49-06:00

Yes, you can. It’s all about you, it’s your session. However, like everybody, we have our strong suits and anything music related such as Logic Pro or MainStage are not part of the applications we provide training on.

However, we can facilitate great sessions on iPhoto, Aperture, Final Cut Pro X, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iCloud, Address Book, Calendar and a lot more…

On top of Apple software, we also facilitate training sessions on great applications such as Box (cloud collaboration) and Evernote (note app), adding more every now and then.

Check out the workshops calendar for your next fantastic workshop!

Why do you use WordPress to design websites?2015-04-24T16:10:13-06:00

We use WordPress as it is a great Content Management System (CMS) platform that is being used by over 60 million people around the world.

Numerous talented developers help create an amazing variety of plugins that can enhance a website to become virtually whatever you’ve imagined. As of June 2014, there are over 31,000 plugins available, now that’s flexibility!

WordPress is also based on well-written code that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-friendly, meaning all major search engines out there will understand it well, which in turn can help your website be found easily.

Is there a minimum booking time for an on-site training session?2016-07-19T11:49:38-06:00

Yes, as it “on-site”, it means we travel to your preferred location (home, office, cafe, etc…). For this reason, a minimum booking time of two hours (2h) is required when booking an on-site training session. However, should you need less than an hour of training, an online training session might be more appropriate.

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