Here’s what our clients say that makes us blush…

Creative Elements Consulting Inc work is simply outstanding.

Their work on our Dueling Piano Kings website has increased our business dramatically.

Their team has kept in touch with me regularly with emails, phone calls, and meetings to help with additional marketing ideas and have been very responsive to any requests.

They are absolute experts who deliver and will increase your business!

Patrick McGannon, Owner/President, PM Gigs (Dueling Piano Kings), Calgary, AB, Canada

When my grandchildren finally gave up in their many attempts to help me become computer literate, I turned to the folks at Creative Elements Consulting.

What a fortunate choice this has been for me.

Thanks to them I am now comfortable with my new computer, and equally important is the fact that I have very much enjoyed the learning process under their guidance.

Creative Elements Consulting came to me highly recommended by a friend who required assistance in a more advanced aspect of computing than I will ever require.

I point this out to highlight the fact that this group can assist you regardless of the level of your computer needs. They are great!

Lynne Kearns, Calgary, AB, Canada

It was wonderful working with Creative Elements!

We are very happy with our website and they continue to help us maintain it.

The website training was also great – very straightforward and easy to understand.

Thank you Creative Elements!!

Yuko Takasaki, Manager, Betty Lou's Library, Calgary, AB, Canada

I found the training very helpful and focussed on my needs.

Since I was not familiar or confident with the Apple products early on I found the trainer from Creative Elements Consulting patient and answered all my questions and concerns.

There is adequate time for note- taking and practice which is appreciated.

I feel that the person wants me to feel comfortable and to work independently.

Christine Wilderman, Calgary, AB, Canada

Creative Elements Consulting exceeded my expectations consistently as I forged my way through new technology to make my life easier and more efficient.

All my questions were answered and ‘made sense’ every time.

Thank You for being very through and able to relate and solve and create solutions for my busy life! Cheers, Cheryl

Cheryl Bodnarchuk, Travel Agent, ATP Travel, Calgary, AB, Canada

Working with Aurelien was a pleasure. To pick only three attributes doesn’t fully describe the service he provides.

From the beginning concept of what we were looking for right through to the final product, Aurelien was on target and exceeded our expectations and needs.

His timeliness, efficiency and creativity made the project effortless. Aurelien takes the time to understand all aspects of the client.

His product and service is a great display of passion and knowledge.

Jackie Vallis, HR Manager, Lighthouse Camp Services Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada

Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with the ACAD Jewellery+ Metals senior students.

Your ability to deliver the information on how to navigate WordPress has given the artists the confidence to build their web presence.

The group has commented on how the mystery of building a comprehensive and well design website is now a part of their creative tool box!

We appreciate what we have learned from you and will be putting our new knowledge into practise.

Dee Fontans, artist, jeweller, fashion designer, enamelist, performance artist, producer, educator, Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary, AB, Canada

Need some Apple computer assistance?! I’ve met a man who is both consistently skilled at everything I’ve needed, and a pleasure to spend time with.

I’m easily flustered with computer skills and his approach is simplified and clear, and I’m sure he’s adjusting how he teaches to fit my particular needs… from basic technical help to cleaning up the confused state that my emails and documents have become.

Numerous trips to the Apple store and very skilled on-line help has seemed to be helpful, but each technician has a different approach which has left me confused and with piece-meal solutions. Getting help that pulls all the threads together saved me endless hours of frustration and time on the phone.
And then, to top it off, he dealt with Shaw on my behalf and I’ll be getting a much better contract at a cheaper rate! Mediation skills too!

Conclusion: Need help? Just ask! He’s your man!

Betsy Mustard, Craniosacral Therapist , Calgary, AB, Canada

We are glad we found Aurelien and his company, Creative Elements.

After being swindled by 2 other company in less than 3 years, we finally got the website we were looking for. An effective and adjustable website with the honesty and the service we need to maintain it!

Aurelien was really patient with us and take all the time we needed and adjust all the small detail we were asking for.
The result, is the best website creation experience! He also took the time to explain all our option and even propose great future to help us improve our idea. The after service is there as well, he continue to follow our file and give us update and suggestion to always improve and maintain the website to make sure everything is secure and up to date.

Anytime I will recommend Aurelien for your website need.

Valerie Beauregard, Office Manager, West Quality Construction Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada

I had been looking for somebody to create a new website for quite some time, but most people were to “techie” for me and I could not relate to them.
When I met Aurelien I right away sensed that he had a holistic approach and had an understanding of the service industry.

I am very happy with my website. It is alive and vibrant.
I love my new logo and I especially appreciated the process of creating the new logo together with Aurelien, the graphic artist, my husband Willem and myself.
I appreciate Aurelien’s patience during the creative process because I needed time to become crystal clear what I wanted.

Thank you.

Marianna Van Gogh, Life Coach, The Wealthy Farmer's Wife Consulting Inc, Calgary, AB, Canada

I highly recommend Aurelien to anyone who needs help making their IT systems work more efficiently.

He has an amazing breadth of intelligence and skills, making him a great asset for all sizes of organizations.

Glad a came across him and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Ron Wuotila, President, RW Sport Performance Consulting, Calgary, AB, Canada (past: Director of Athletics, University of Calgary)

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My husband found Aurelien after googling for Apple training to help us understand and effectively use all of our products, and specifically clean-up the mess we’d made of all of our music and photos.

When I was able to play a song sung by my father (long since deceased) on my iPhone and share with people, that was the moment it become clear that what Aurelien provides goes far beyond technology training.

I then continued working with him for support in developing my new business, and have made many processes more efficient and professional. As a “mature” couple who’ve stumbled our way through the world of computerized-everything, it’s great to know there’s someone out there that can patiently and effectively answer all of our questions.

We have a common tagline in our house now – “just ask Aurelien”!

Yvette Styner, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, mipstick Yvette, Calgary, AB, Canada

We are very happy to have been introduced to Aurelien and his services.

His experience and his knowledge has help us set up a highly functional IT environment for both our restaurants, Cassis Bistro and Suzette Bistro.

Aurelien is very good at listening and understanding specific needs and delivers a solid solution. He can adapt his training to accommodate any level of knowledge and skill set.He quickly responds to emergency situations.

He is very reliable and we highly recommend him.

Laetitia Viguie, Cassis Bistro & Suzette Bistro, Calgary, AB, Canada

Aurelien was referred to me by a close friend.
He is professional and knowledgeable about the online world.

Aurelien was patient in answering all my questions and took the time to show me exactly what he was doing behind the scenes on my website enabling me to do it on my own.

I always learn something new when we work together.

Daniela Codreanu, BA, Calgary Herald, Calgary, AB, Canada

Aurelien helped me when I had little time, was stressed, and couldn’t get my devices (my Mac Mini, my iPhone, and iPad) to work properly. He even helped me get the tv to work!
I had a bunch of random questions and issues. Here are some of them:

– How do I deal with the iCloud back up. “iPhone cannot be backed up because it enough iCloud storage.”
– Safari/email keeps losing my internet connection
– What’s the difference between an album and ??? in photos.
– How do I get my photos off my phone
– What is the difference between “Photos” and “iPhoto”?

Aurelien asked me to prioritize my list and then we tackled the most important items in the time frames we had. What hadn’t occurred to me, but Aurelien recognized right away were two big problems:

1. My modem was really, really old. He talked to Telus, and we arranged for a service person to change the modem.
2. I did not have enough RAM, which he fixed on his second visit.

What I really liked about working with Aurelien was:

– He came to me, so I didn’t have to take all my devices somewhere else.- He was positive and encouraging.
– He used really good teaching strategies, which helped me to remember new information.
– He made useful and appropriate suggestions for two apps that would make what I wanted to do easier.

Bonnie E Brightlee, President, Brightlee & Associates Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada

I was referred to Aurelien by a good friend. He had done an amazing website for her, and I wanted to update my practice website as well.
From the beginning Aurelien was very thorough and made sure all of our requirements were met. He spent a lot of time with me one on one designing the website, the colors, and a new logo.

I am very happy with the final result, we have received so many compliments from patients and colleagues on the user friendliness and the look and feel of the website.

Thank you Aurelien, your hard work and attention to detail has really made a difference for our practice.

Dr. Jennifer Graas, Dentist, Swanlund Graas Dentistry, Calgary, AB, Canada

We have recently opened a guest house. We knew that the success of our project depended mainly on the quality of the website.

Calling upon Aurelien’s skills and professionalism through his company “Creative Elements”, we haven’t been disappointed. The website is performing really well, it is praised and loved by our guests who find it attractive, beautiful and easy to use.

Thank you for your professionalism and your availability that contributed to a very good start of our project.

Christine Fournier, Owner, La Maison du Pont St Jacques, Guest House, Moissac, France

After some extensive travelling, and having taken some wonderful photos we wanted to make into books, we called upon Aurelien, from Creative Elements, to teach us how to use Aperture.

His expertise, and his patience with us, during our one-on-one appointments was so appreciated. We went off topic several times to ask questions and he was happy to assist us in all areas, ie: organizing our pictures in iphoto, backing up our Macs, tips on how to layout a book, how to fine tune our photos in Aperture and the list goes on.

We ended up with a beautiful book from our Africa trip that Aurelien sat with us and helped lay out. Learning in the comfort of our own home and having Aurelien there was excellent.

His expertise and calm demeanour is invaluable…… I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Lori Kelly, avid traveler, Calgary, AB, Canada

I contacted Aurelien to help me learn how to use an Apple computer.
Aurelien was extremely helpful and now he works with me on a number of marketing initiatives.

Aurelien is one of those guys who ads value at every turn and I am so happy to have him working with me and my team.

Dave Greenwood, Realtor, Century 21 Bamber Realty, Calgary, AB, Canada

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Aurelien designed a superior website, exceeding our expectations, in time, and at a reasonable cost.
He is very proficient and well organized.

We have no hesitation in recommending him.

Gilles Corpart, COO, Lighthouse Camp Services Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada
We were very happy with our current website but wanted to make it more mobile friendly. I had approached several firms for a quote but was not happy with their response and pricing.

Aurelien a new commercial insurance client to our office approached me to see if can be of any service and after letting him know what I needed he was able to provide me some good options. He setup our website on a great new platform that was very mobile friendly but also enhanced our overall website and made it easier to navigate and use. Aurelien provided me a very competitive price that included not just a mobile site but a brand new site.

Aurelien was very easy to deal with and very accommodating throughout the whole process. He is very professional and followed through with the proposal and timelines he promised on.

I would recommend Aurelien to any company looking to create a new website or enhance the current one they have.

Emad Rizk, Managing Partner & VP of Business Development, Lucas & Wright Insurance Services Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada