You need a team of WordPress Developers and Experts to help you unleash the full power of WordPress!

Whether you’re thinking of designing a brand new website or redesigning an old one, WordPress is one of the most powerful platforms available to achieve fantastic results!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online platform that was used only for blogging in the past. In 2013, it has celebrated its 10th anniversary and is now powering more than 30% of the World Wide Web!!!

Pros: is the entry-level version where most of the setup is done for you and you can start creating your first pages within minutes. You can even upgrade to use your own domain name like instead of the classic

You really don’t need to be a code superhero to get your own website up and running, there are many video tutorials and great articles online to help you get started.

You can benefit from premium hosting, security features and backups that are automatically applied to the server where your site resides and best of all, it’s included!

There’s personal support available and the forums are a gold mine for getting answers to your questions.


This version comes with limitations such as, for example, the need to register for an account at, the absence of certain plugins that are used to extend the functionality of your website, the limitations in the themes you can choose and more.

Plugins are basically what turns your website into a fantastic full-featured online presence. Without great ones that are only available for, you’ll be confined to simple settings that will keep your website very basic.

As an example, although creating an ecommerce website on is feasible, you may not have access to all the features you would need to truly customize it  to your specific needs.

You also can’t access your website’s files and have no control over the security and functionality of it.

Pros: is the professional-level version where you can start with a great and solid foundation for your website.

With that foundation, your website can evolve over time with your company and your budget so you can start with a “small little house” on top of that foundation then switch to a “magnificent castle” later on if you wish!

You can choose your preferred hosting company depending on your specific needs such as “shared hosting” if your website is primarily informational and very simple or a “Virtual Private Server (VPS)” or “Dedicated Server” if your website boasts fantastic features like event booking capability and ecommerce.

You can use any of the 55,000 plugins available (and counting) to turn your website into anything you’ve envisioned.

You have access to your website’s files and can customize anything to your heart’s desire.

You can strengthen the security of your website and take it to a higher level.

You have access to forums where millions of other WordPress lovers share and contribute to find answers to your questions every day.

No registration is required to use

You can hire a WordPress expert to help you build your fantastic website then have your own login to update parts of your website yourself.

You can use this ebook to build a great website and get ready to collaborate with your favorite WordPress expert to make it even better over time.


You need to have basic knowledge of code, web standards and how servers and emails work.

You need time… this is the most expensive commodity here.

Whether you’ve retained the services of a WordPress expert or you’re using this ebook (or both) to get started, you will need to be ready to invest in yourself and your business as developing a great online presence requires certain resources.

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