How to create 2 or 3 columns on a Gravity Form for WordPress

2020-12-11T10:25:22-07:00Sep 16, 2020|WordPress|

Formatting your Gravity Forms can provide a better user experience

Did you know you can add custom CSS to your fields to put them within 2 or 3 columns for examples instead of being one on top of the other?

It’s actually very easy, you don’t need to be a web developer to achieve this:

  1. If you don’t have Gravity Forms yet, you can get it here. We’ve been using it for years and it’s incredibly powerful to

How to secure your WordPress website with an SSL certificate

2020-03-25T13:06:56-06:00Mar 25, 2020|Website Security, WordPress|

Securing your WordPress website provides numerous benefits

When you secure your WordPress website with an SSL certificate, you will get the padlock icon next to your domain name on the address bar of your web browser. Some might simply state “Secure” next to it.

What’s an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is an electronic protection you can purchase from a provider online and setup on the server where your website files and database reside. When setup properly, it creates a “chain” that certifies

How to import bookmarks from Safari to Google Chrome

2019-03-27T15:32:44-06:00Mar 27, 2019|Make your life easier, WordPress|

You may have decided to switch from Safari to Google Chrome for a better online experience

Don’t get us wrong, we love Safari and everything Apple but in terms of online performance and web browsing (we design WordPress websites after all), we have come to the conclusion that Google Chrome offers the best online experience and performance in our opinion.

Now, if you’ve been using Safari for a while now, does that mean you’re going to lose all of your carefully

How to replace “Howdy” in WordPress Admin bar – 2019

2020-09-24T17:23:21-06:00Mar 20, 2019|WordPress|

You may want to replace the old school “Howdy, [your username]” on your WordPress admin bar

It could be personal if you wish to have fun a little or it could be professional, to fine-tune such details for a client’s website you’re designing.

There are 3 options to achieve this:

1-With code

Edit your website’s code in your functions.php file of your WordPress theme (it’s easy, you can go to “Appearance” > “Theme Editor” OR “Editor”> choose the “functions.php” file on the sidebar on

How to password-protect a WordPress web page

2019-03-08T16:58:54-07:00Mar 8, 2019|WordPress|

There are many reasons why you would want to protect a page of your WordPress website with a password

Maybe you’re providing specific forms to your clients and you’d like to make them available to them only or you’re a photographer and you’re protecting your client’s wedding gallery page.

Regardless of the content you’d like to protect and the rationale behind it, it’s easy to protect a page on WordPress:

  1. There is a”Publish” box on the right of your page in the

How to add a loader/spinning wheel on Woocommerce checkout

2019-02-13T18:13:10-07:00Feb 13, 2019|WordPress|

The checkout process of any ecommerce website should be as simple and clear as possible.

Although not required, sometimes showing a loader or spinning wheel during the checkout process can help your customers better understand that the transaction is being processed.

While setting up the Woocommerce plugin on your WordPress website, you can use this specific plugin to choose all sorts of preloaders to display during the checkout process: WooLoader.

There are ways to achieve this too through custom CSS

How to switch back to the Classic Editor in WordPress 5.0

2019-01-31T13:06:42-07:00Jan 31, 2019|WordPress|

You can switch back to the old Classic Editor in WordPress 5.0 if Gutenberg is not for you

We get it, change is difficult… but necessary nevertheless to keep moving forward with everything in life!

If you’re like us and want to embrace some of the great changes WordPress 5.0 has to offer without using the Gutenberg editor, then you’re in luck, there’s a plugin for that!

As we use a professional designed WordPress template with a beautiful page builder, we didn’t want

How to create a custom link in your WordPress main menu

2019-01-03T16:47:04-07:00Dec 26, 2018|WordPress|

When you create your main menu on your WordPress website, you may wish to create a custom link for a better user experience.

Wait, what?

What’s a custom link in WordPress?

Glad you asked.

It’s basically a menu item that appears as one of your main pages but users can’t click it.

But why would you want to do that?

Well, imagine you have created quite a few pages for your company’s website. You’re organizing them as sub-menu items so the hierarchy of your website makes

How to translate the Date Picker in French in Gravity Forms

2020-12-11T10:23:53-07:00Nov 13, 2018|WordPress|

Gravity Forms is one of the best plugins for creating forms in WordPress.

But when you need to translate something as unique as the way the dates are shown on a Date Picker you’ve added to a contact/booking form for your users’ convenience, it may become a bit challenging.

It’s actually easy!

    1. Copy the code from this file and save it as “datepicker-fr.js” to the /js/ directory of your active theme using an app like TextWrangler

How to simplify your WordPress screen options

2018-07-18T15:06:27-06:00Jul 18, 2018|Make your life easier, WordPress|

When you write a post on your WordPress website, your page will display a lot of screen options like the publish box, the categories, comments, authors, and plenty of other items.

How to simplify your screen and show only what you need

  1. Create a new “Post” or “Page” on your WordPress website
  2. Click the “Screen Options” on the top right corner
  3. Check or uncheck what options you want to see

That’s it, you’ve now optimized your workspace to only show the sections

How to fix the WordPress theme Avada issue “can’t register your theme licence”

2018-07-09T16:36:52-06:00Jun 19, 2018|WordPress|

We found that one of the best WordPress themes available is Avada.

We’ve designed many professional websites for our clients with great results.

When you purchase the WordPress theme Avada, you also have access to its “Child Theme”.

If you don’t know what a “Child Theme” is, find out more though this eBook.

To get support and updates from the fantastic support team at Avada, you can register your purchase licence through the WordPress backend of your website.

However, we found from experience

Where to find the best plugins for your WordPress website

2018-03-14T12:50:41-06:00Mar 14, 2018|WordPress|

You’ve started creating your own WordPress website. You know you need plugins to enhance its functionalities.

Where can you find the best plugins you can trust?

As of March 2018, there are more than 54,000 plugins available on the repository.

Needless to say, it can quickly be overwhelming to pick the best ones for your objectives.

Things to consider when choosing a plugin for WordPress:

  • The reputation of the company that developed it
  • When it was first released
  • When it was last

What’s the difference between and

2018-02-21T10:02:33-07:00Feb 21, 2018|WordPress|

There are 2 ways to setup WordPress to create your new website.

You’ve probably heard about both and but what are the differences and when should you choose one over the other?

This is the simple way to get started with WordPress.

You trust the WordPress guys to help you with hosting, domain name and everything else, right from their own platform.


  • You don’t need to be a technical wizard
  • No

How to create a Direct Download link to a file on Dropbox for Woocommerce

2017-12-06T09:36:09-07:00Dec 6, 2017|WordPress|

Adding a file to a product in Woocommerce is easy but how do you link a video file?

If you’re selling courses, webinars or other videos online through Woocommerce on your WordPress website you’ll be better off creating links to your videos that are stored somewhere else than on your website’s database.

A video can easily take a large amount of space and uploading it to the server where your website reside may not

Setup an efficient workflow to design your WordPress website

2017-11-16T16:29:28-07:00Aug 2, 2017|Make your life easier, WordPress|

Designing a WordPress website takes time, creativity and patience.

Did you know you can make your life easier by creating an efficient workflow while designing it?

Most people tend to save/update the page they’re working on then using the same browser tab/window to view the results of their changes on the “live” website.

The problem with this workflow is the waste of time leaving the backend of your WordPress website to check the way your

How to setup your WordPress website like a pro

2017-11-16T16:29:31-07:00Jul 19, 2017|Invest in yourself, WordPress|

As an entrepreneur, you may want to setup your own WordPress website until you have a budget to get professional help from WordPress experts.

Based on the articles and tutorials you found online, it seems relatively easy, right?

But how do you know that the new website you’re creating is actually setup properly to serve you well in the long run?

How do you know certain key factors have been taken into consideration so

Style your WordPress login page

2017-11-16T16:29:37-07:00Jun 7, 2017|Design, WordPress|

It’s time to make your WordPress login page more attractive…

Let’s face it, the default WordPress login page is pretty boring, isn’t it?

Why not make it more elegant and attractive for yourself and potentially any contributors to your site?

Wouldn’t it be great if your login page’s design was consistent with your website’s?

How to customize your WordPress login page

We’ve tried many plugins and found one we really like: LoginPress.

It’s easy to use, you can add a background image that suddenly makes

Did you know? You can schedule your WordPress posts for later

2017-11-16T16:29:49-07:00Apr 12, 2017|WordPress|

Writing your own blog posts can be a daunting task if you’re not a pro

However, we all experience that burst of creativity from time to time where we’re ready to write 3, 4 or even more posts at once!

Instead of having to save them as “drafts” in the backend of your WordPress website, did you know you can schedule them in advance?

How to schedule your posts

On a post page, click the “Edit” link

How to easily setup comments on your WordPress posts and protect them against spam

2017-11-16T16:29:59-07:00Mar 15, 2017|Design, Website Maintenance, WordPress|

Your blog posts are a great way to engage your audience on your WordPress website

Setup the comments feature and protect them against spam

AkismetA blog on your website is one of the best ways to engage your audience with high-quality content.

To engage your audience even more, we would recommend to provide an opportunity to leave a comment and participate to the discussion, which, in turn, will create a community around your platform.


How to

Double check your WordPress website on many browsers for consistency

2017-11-16T16:30:19-07:00Feb 1, 2017|Design, Website Maintenance, WordPress|

Make sure your visitors have the same experience regardless of the browser they use

Browser on iMacWhether you’re creating your own WordPress website or you’ve engaged the skills of a team of WordPress experts, you need to ensure you test your website on many different web browsers.

Although companies that power the most popular browsers do a great job of keeping them up-to-date and performant, sometimes your website may not display exactly as

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