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Your web browser, regardless of the device you use (computer, smartphone, tablet…) gets clogged up with many temporary files that can accumulate pretty quickly.

Although this feature helps you load web pages of the same website faster as it has downloaded many components it can now serve you directly, it has its flaws too.

In terms of security, your web browser is one of the most vulnerable points of entry as it stores your web history, sometimes even your usernames and passwords (please disable that function for your own sake!).

But when it comes to navigating the web, when the browser hasn’t been cleared for a very long time (or one would say “cleaned up”), it can create small and annoying issues that prevent you from actually enjoying the full experience of a website, the way it was intended.

As an example, you may have difficulties checking out of an online store because some temporary files are creating conflicts or you’re seeing some layout/images/margins issues that are actually not “here” in reality, it’s just your browser playing tricks on you.

How to clear the cache/history or “temporary files” on your browser (on Mac)


Go to “Chrome” on the menu bar > Clear browsing data > check all boxes and select “since the beginning of time” then click “OK”.


Go to “Safari” on the menu bar > Clear history > Clear all history


Go to “History” on the menu bar > Clear recent history

It’s very similar to clear the temporary files on an iPhone and iPad.

For Chrome, tap the 3 vertical dot on the top right cormer > history > clear browsing data.

For Safari, go to Settings > Safari > Clear history and website data.

How often should you do this?

Well, we recommend to do it at least once a week or whenever you’ve logged out of a very data-sensitive website such as online banking. This way, it will clear all data related to your visit and help you increase your security online along with providing you with a better web experience.

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