I’ve been invited to present on “Website Design & WordPress” at the Alberta College for Art + Design

I’m very proud and grateful for this fantastic opportunity!

On September 24th, 2015, Creative Elements Consulting Inc. has helped demystify “web design” and how WordPress can help create a professional and contemporary online presence.

Dee Fontans is an artist, jeweller, fashion designer, enamelist, performance artist, producer, educator. She graciously invited me to present to her class who had “the creation of a website on WordPress” as an assignment.

The audience was very engaged, great questions came from different participants on topics ranging from “Hosting” to “Search Engine Optimization” through “How to choose a great domain name” and everything in between.

It was a true pleasure and an honor to have an opportunity to present at the Alberta College for Art + Design and to contribute through education and pedagogy to the exploration of this fascinating online world.

I’m looking forward to helping more students discover other topics such as “ecommerce”, “event booking”, “search engine optimization”, “email marketing” and much more.

Get a recognized WordPress expert to help you through design & education by booking a presentation/training today!


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