Make sure your visitors have the same experience regardless of the browser they use

Whether you’re creating your own WordPress website or you’ve engaged the skills of a team of WordPress experts, you need to ensure you test your website on many different web browsers.

Although companies that power the most popular browsers do a great job of keeping them up-to-date and performant, sometimes your website may not display exactly as intended on some of them.

Ok, before we move any further, let’s go to the most important disclaimer of all: DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER EVER!

No, seriously, we mean it, there’s no reason to be so mean to yourself, life is already pretty difficult sometimes, do yourself a favor and ditch the worst web browser ever created!

Anyway, back to the point before.

The most common web browsers you will likely use are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

When you create a website, you need to ensure consistency across all platforms and web browsers so your visitors have the same experience.

Nowadays, some really cool & contemporary features may not display the same way on all browsers.

This is when you would need to make small changes so you get the best results for all visitors.

How to check your website on all browsers & devices

You can either go straight to your website using different computers, mobile devices and different browsers on all of them or you can also pay for the services of companies that provide you with simulators or systems that can show you how your website will look like on many devices, browsers and even older versions of such browsers, just to make sure them old folks who *still* haven’t updated their computer can have a relatively good experience on your website.

Some examples of such companies are:

Here you go, you now have no excuses not to check your wonderful website on many browsers to ensure you’re providing a great experience to your visitors!

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