We implement industry-standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) within each web design project, which means your website is ready to be found in accordance with the major search engines recommendations.

However, it’s not realistic to expect your website to be on page 1 of Google search results as the algorithms used by search engines are extremely complex and take a multitude of factors into consideration. They also change on a regular basis to adapt to new web standard procedures and practices, hence the “ongoing” nature of an SEO strategy.

It’s also a web page that ranks online, not an entire website so some of your website pages may rank on the first page of Google depending on the keywords used for the search (and other factors) and others may rank differently.

We offer Digital Marketing solutions and recommendations to enhance your website’s SEO. Even the best-looking website cannot be found if no marketing is done as part of an ongoing strategy. Keywords, clear website structure, sitemap are vital for a website but are not enough for it to be found at the top search results.

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