When you create a Google My Business page for your company, you need to ensure you use your business email address to keep things separate.

But what if you’ve accidentally setup your Google My Business page with a personal Gmail address?

UPDATE: We’ve updated this post on Feb 23, 2021 to improve the steps and add screenshots to follow along the way.

Looking through articles online, specially the ones from Google support chats/threads/resources will only confuse you even more…

There’s a simple solution!

  • Add your business email address as a user of this Google My Business page

  • Change the permissions of this new user to become the primary owner

  • Once you accept the invitation to become the new owner that you’ve received by email, the other user with your personal email address will therefore become a regular user of this page
  • Go back to “Users” and delete the user related to your personal email address


This solution came out of an interesting discussion with one of our beloved clients Mipstick Nutrition!

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