Adding a file to a product in Woocommerce is easy but how do you link a video file?

If you’re selling courses, webinars or other videos online through Woocommerce on your WordPress website you’ll be better off creating links to your videos that are stored somewhere else than on your website’s database.

A video can easily take a large amount of space and uploading it to the server where your website reside may not be the best option.

We found an easy solution!

How about storing your video files on a professional Dropbox account (we currently have the Dropbox Plus with 1TB of storage space) then creating a Direct Download link to them when you want to sell them on your website?

It’s easy:

  1. If you have downloaded the Dropbox app on your computer, you can right-click on the video file and “Copy the Dropbox Link”. If you’re on,  click the “Share” button on the file then “create a link”.
  2. Once you’ve copied the link to the video file, paste it on a document then replace “” with “”. The rest of the link remains the same.
  3. You’ve just created a Direct Download link to this video file stored on your Dropbox account!
  4. Now, when you copy that updated Direct Download link and paste it in the URL field on a Woocommerce product page, your customers will be able to download it directly after they purchase it. The best part is that it is stored on Dropbox and not on your website, hence keeping our website fast and performant.

Questions? Suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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