Keyboard shortcuts | Scroll down a web page easilyDid you know? There’s a single key on your keyboard you use dozens of times each day that can help you scroll down a web page in a much smoother way!

Whatever browser you’re using, pressing this key will help you scroll in a much smoother and precise way

Are you frequently visiting websites that display a lot of content such as a newspaper online or a blog or recipes…

I personally read the “Engadget” blog all day to keep abreast with technology news.

But with so much content to read, sometimes it’s easy to get lost, not knowing if you’ve scrolled down too far and missed an article or an important piece.

Instead of struggling with your fingers on a “trackpad” or with a “1995 wheel mouse”, simply press the “space bar” on your keyboard to let the browser precisely bring you to the bottom boundary so you can rest assured you won’t have scrolled too much that you may have missed some content or too little and read the same thing again…

That’s all folks (for today at least)! Any suggestions, comments? The area below is all yours!


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