Designing a WordPress website takes time, creativity and patience.

Did you know you can make your life easier by creating an efficient workflow while designing it?

Most people tend to save/update the page they’re working on then using the same browser tab/window to view the results of their changes on the “live” website.

The problem with this workflow is the waste of time leaving the backend of your WordPress website to check the way your page looks like then trying to go back to continue editing/designing, let alone the fact that clicking the back button can actually create issues sometimes.

The workflow we like

It’s actually very simple, the very first thing we do after logging in to a WordPress website is to hover the name of your website on the top left corner, hover “visit site” then “right-click” it to “open in a new tab”.

This way, you’ll have the first tab on the left as your website backend then the next to the right as your “live” website.

Make the edits on the backend then simply go to your next tab to refresh the page with “Command-R” on Mac or “Control-R” on a PC.

We feel like this workflow is a lot more efficient and can save you an enormous amount of time over a long period of website design and can avoid issues with the back button.

Have you tried it? Do you have your own workflow to design your WordPress website? Share your ideas and suggestions below!

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