Discover how Prezi can help you create stunning, dynamic and engaging presentations

Most of us need to present some kind of data to a group of people from time to time.

Be it the quarterly results of your sales department, your promotion/sale process as a realtor or a nutrition workshop on the benefits of organic food for your health, Prezi can help you share your content in the most engaging way ever.

Powerpoint can be a cumbersome app and feels very bloated from time to time.
Unfortunately, most people have never ventured away from the good ol’ Powerpoint presentation.

The results are usually very boring with linear slides, packed with bullet points and text that gets the audience sleeping after roughly 5 minutes…

Although Keynote from Apple can be easier to use and more dynamic, we still are in a linear mode.

What is Prezi exactly?

Prezi is an online software that helps you use items to zoom in and out on and include rotation along with a myriad of other great features to capture your audience’s attention.

The purpose of a presentation is not to copy and paste your entire content into bullets points on slides but instead develop key visual components and build relationships between them that support what you’re sharing as a presenter/facilitator.

Because it’s online, it allows you to easily share your Prezi, collaborate real-time with other individuals from anywhere in the world and there’s no need to figure out if your software version is up-to-date.

You can even download it to take it with you and present offline if you wish.

Adding videos, music, voiceover and much more is a breeze with Prezi.

If you haven’t tried it yet, and want to stand out from the crowd by creating presentations that capture your audience’s attention, contact us today, we’ll help you turn this old and bulky Powerpoint of yours into a sleek Prezi!

We also offer Prezi training for individuals and businesses if you feel your entire team could benefit from a group training on how to make the most out of Prezi.

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