Which is the best permalink option for WordPress?Your choice of permalink structure while designing your WordPress website can have a very important impact on your SEO

What is a permalink?

A permalink is a permanent static hyperlink to a particular web page or entry in a blog.

It’s essentially the URL of a page on your website.

What permalink structure to choose for WordPress?

According to numerous blog posts online, including the respected Yoast, the best permalink structure to choose for human-reading and SEO purposes is “postname”.

This will create “pretty” URLs that can easily be understood by humans and by search engines, which, in turn, will improve your SEO.

How to change your permalink structure?

Simply go to Settings>Permalinks then choose “postname”.

It’s usually recommended to make that change when you’re starting the design of your website, it will serve you well on the long run.

Should you need to change it after your website is already “live”, please contact us should you have any questions as it may require careful analyzing before going ahead.

Questions? Feel free to ask below, we’d be happy to help!


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