Calgary Web Design | Why adding outbound links to your website can help with SEOWhy should you add outbound links on your website when clicking on them will get your visitors away?

There are advantages to do link building. According to major search engines, it helps building a community by offering useful and valuable content to your visitors. This, in return, helps with increasing traffic on your website and improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It’s a win-win situation. You genuinely offer valuable content that can help your visitor find more information about a certain topic and you get found better on the web.

It actually makes sense when you think about it.

Have you ever been into a retail store where the salesperson advised you on where to find the specific item or service you were looking for when he couldn’t provide it to you?
How did you feel about this person when you left their store? “Wow, this guy was nice, he didn’t have to do that for me, I didn’t even buy anything from his store…”

Where do you think you’ll go next time you need something that relates to what this store has in stock?

You got it. Back to see that same guy, because he genuinely cared and has put your interest first.

Now bring this concept back to your website. We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of people that could build trust and confidence with your company and your brand.

Are you ready to start your link building campaign?

Your turn, what do you think?

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