How to use Apple Maps on your iPhone without the navigation voice

Maybe you’re enjoying your music or podcasts or even audiobooks while driving and would still like to use the navigation feature of Maps without the voice telling you at every corner you need to turn.

This can be a game changer as too many voice prompts through the stereo system of your vehicle and you won’t even recognize the song your were listening to as it paused it too many times…

How to turn off the voice navigation in Apple Maps on your iPhone

  1. Go to Settings > Maps
  2. Driving & Navigation > choose “No Voice”

That’s it, you will now enjoy the GPS navigation without being prompted every time there’s a turn.

Obviously, you need to keep an eye on it as it won’t tell you when you need to turn but turning off this feature could bring back peace and enjoyment during your drives if this is your preference.

Questions? Suggestions? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below!

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