How to record your iPhone screen on your Mac

You don’t have to be an app developer to record your iPhone screen!

What you need:

  • An iPhone running iOS 8 or later
  • A Lightning cable (the one that plugs into your iPhone on one end and USB on the other)
  • A Mac running OSX Yosemite or later

How to record

  1. Plug your iPhone in your Mac with the lightning cable
  2. If you haven’t “trusted” your iPhone on your Mac yet, open iTunes and it should prompt you to “trust” it so a connection can be established between them
  3. Open Quicktime Player, click “File” on the Menu Bar then select “New Screen Recording”
  4. Although the default screen is your Mac, you can select your iPhone at that point. Also select the audio from the iPhone if you wish to record it as well.
  5. When you’re done, it will present you with a recording your can name and save on your Mac.

Voila! Was that easy? I know, this is Apple, remember?

Enjoy recording your iPhone screen to teach someone how to set it up, how to use a specific app or just for fun!

Any comments or suggestions? Feel free to share below!

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