Apple computers are really well designed but not flawless

Sometimes apps freeze and the dreaded “beachball” starts spinning…

What do you do then?

Well, you could simply wait for a few seconds to see if the Mac resolves the issue itself and goes back to normal.

What if the beachball keeps on going and you can’t keep using your Mac?

One of the best solutions is to click on Finder on the Dock so to get away from the “frozen app”.

Then, you should get access to the black Apple on the top left corner.

Click it and select “Force Quit” then select the “frozen app” (which could be shown in red, stating it’s not responding) and force quit it.

That’s it, this should have solved the issue and given you the opportunity to keep on using your Mac without having to restart it altogether.

This solution would work for the majority of situations but sometimes you may have to hold the power button of your Mac for about 8-10 seconds to shut it down then turn it back on again.

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