Backing up your Mac with Time Machine is already a good step in the right direction but why not have another safety net with a second backup?

Did you know Time Machine can backup onto 2 external hard drives and remember where it left off on both of them?

The main benefit for you is that it allows you to have the data on your Mac, on the first external hard drive and on a second one, providing opportunities to keep it safe.

We would even suggest to keep that 2nd hard drive in a different location than the Mac and the first hard drive to reduce risks even more in the unlikely event of fire, flood, theft, etc…

How to setup the second hard drive with Time Machine

Click the Time Machine icon on the Menu bar at the top of your screen (if not there, go to the black Apple on the top left corner > System Preferences > Time Machine > check the box at the bottom that says “Show Time Machine in menu bar”).

Click “Add or Remove Backup Disk” and select the second hard drive you wish to use.

A window will prompt you to choose if you wish to replace the first hard drive or use both, select “Use Both”.

That’s it! Whether you have both of them attached to your Mac or they are attached to the back of a Time Capsule or Airport Extreme, you will now have two hard drives backing up your Mac for greater peace of mind!

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