Save yourself the headache: backup your iPhone to iCloud to avoid losing important data

You’ve treated yourself to the latest iPhone, you’re enjoying taking high-resolution photos and videos and simply loving it…

But have you thought about what would happen to all your photos, videos, apps, contacts, emails in the unlikely event your iPhone is lost, stolen or simply dropped in a lake/ocean by accident?

Well, if you ensure it backs itself up to your iCloud account, you’ll be safe as your iPhone data will be in the cloud and recoverable just in case.

How to backup your iPhone to iCloud

Go to Settings > tap on your name at the top if you’ve updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 10.3.1 or scroll down to “iCloud” if you haven’t updated yet.

Once in iCloud, scroll down to “iCloud Backup”, tap it and turn it “on”.

Your iPhone will backup automatically when it’s plugged-in and on wi-fi.

You can start the first backup by tapping “Back Up Now”.

If you realize there’s not enough space on your iCloud account, either due to too many photos, videos or simply multiple devices already backing up to the same iCloud account, you could upgrade to the 50GB storage for only CAD$1.34 per month.

That will give you peace of mind there’s enough space to back it up.

That’s it, you’ve just removed a stress factor out of your life!

Whatever happens to your iPhone, provided it’s backing up to iCloud, you’re safe and can recover all data and put it on another iPhone if need be.

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