Create multiple fingerprints for Apple Touch ID

Touch ID is a great feature that allows you to open your iPhone (minimum 5S) or your iPad (minimum iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3) using your fingerprint instead of swiping and entering your passcode.

This is a very convenient feature that saves time and makes your device even more secure.

But when you grab your iPhone or iPad, do you always grab them the same way, from the same hand?

Sometimes you just want to open the device from another finger in a situation where the main finger may not be available such as holding groceries bags, grabbing the keys to your home, opening your vehicle, etc…

So how do you create more than one fingerprint for your device?


1-Tap on “Settings”

2-Select “Touch ID & Passcode”

3-Type your passcode if requested

4-Tap “Add a fingerprint”, follow the steps on the display and name that fingerprint at the end so you know which finger it corresponds to.


You can now use more than one finger to open your device for more flexibility!

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