To keep your Mac run correctly, it’s always a good idea to cleanup unused data and find out what’s taking space on your hard drive.

To find out what your Mac’s storage is made of, click the black Apple on the top left corner > About this Mac > Storage > Manage.

There, you will see what takes space on your Mac and what you could potentially get rid of.

You may, for example, find iOS files with iOS installers and iPhones/iPads backups.

If you have your iCloud iPhone backup setup (we recommend it), then there’s no need to keep old backups on your Mac that can easily take GBs of data.

Within this window, you can easily delete them.

Another example is the GarageBand data. Unless you’re a huge music fan/musician and you create your music on your Mac, there’s no need to keep GBs of music instruments data on your Mac, you can delete it and save space.

You don’t necessarily need to delete any data on your Mac, this is only a suggestion in case you’re trying to recover valuable storage space on your Mac but knowing what takes space on it can help you make the right decisions for you.

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