Let’s say you just treated yourself to a brand new Mac and you want to transfer the data from the old one.

There are 2 main options to help you reach your objective:

1-If you have a recent Time Machine backup, you can use it to transfer your data to the new Mac. Depending on how old your old Mac is and if you haven’t updated the Mac OS for a while, you may encounter issues as the backup may not be read correctly. This is, however, one of the best ways to transfer data to your new Mac.

How to do it:

Simply follow the steps outlined during the setup of your new Mac and select “transfer data from a Time Machine backup” when prompted.

2-If you don’t have access to a Time Machine backup, you can restart your Mac in Target Disk Mode then connect it to your new Mac with a Thunderbolt or Firewire cable to transfer data. When in Target Disk Mode, your Mac will become a simple hard drive that is accessible from the new Mac. This way, you’ll be able to copy data and transfer it to the new one.

How to do it:

On the old Mac, click the black apple on the top left corner of your screen then select System Preferences > Startup Disk. Click “Target Disk Mode” to restart your Mac in this mode then follow the steps to connect it to your new Mac.

We hope you enjoy your new Mac!

Have you transferred data between two Macs? Which method did you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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