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What if you’re reading your emails and you’d like to have a quick peek at your calendar to find out if you’re available to meet a client a specific day?

Most people would leave the Mail app, find the Calendar app, enter it, scroll to the day, leave the Calendar app, find the Mail app, enter it and reply to the email.

Doesn’t this sound tedious to you?

There’s an easier way!

Simply use the “Home” button (the main one at the bottom of your iPhone) by clicking twice to enter the “multitasking” mode on your iPhone.

When in this mode, you can easily swipe to find another app that was previously open and access it.
When you’ve gone back and forth once between your Mail and Calendar apps, they’ll appear side-by-side in the “multitasking” mode so you don’t have to swipe too far or too long to easily switch between them.

This way, checking your Calendar and going back to Mail becomes a breeze.
You can use this tip with any other apps on your iPhone and you can also access this mode to “flick” any app up should you need to quit it for good, such as when it is “frozen” for example.

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