Have you ever found yourself in a new neighborhood you weren’t familiar with?

Let’s say you just had a house-warming party at your friend’s place and they live the opposite side of the city.

When it’s time to get back home, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to type in your own home address in Maps to get back home safely from this area you don’t know really well?

Ask Siri!

Put your iPhone on the dashboard support tab and say “Hey Siri”. If you have an iPhone older than the 6S or 6S Plus, you’ll have to ensure it’s plugged in a car charger first.

The latest iPhones have this feature always “on”.

Once she heard you, you can simply ask her “Can you take me home?”.

Provided you’ve added your address onto your own contact card in your Contacts app, she’ll find your place and will calculate for you the best way to get there.

That’s it, you can now follow her lead all the way back home.

Fun fact: Last night, I’ve asked Siri to take me back home. When I said “Hey Siri” the little sound she makes when she listens went off so I said “Can you take me home?” then, after a couple of seconds thinking, she replied “Yes” then nothing happened. I laughed so much as it took me by surprise that she would simply answer “yes” to me asking her to take me home without actually helping me getting there….

I reckon my iPhone just had a moment where it was lost in translation for a second or two but that made me laugh, loved it!

Questions? Suggestions? The comment section below is all yours!


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