Congrats! You’ve just setup the great Apple Family Sharing feature!

But what does it mean for content you don’t want family members to see?

Let’s face it: you probably have tried to use the “Tinder” app “just to see” or maybe you’ve downloaded the latest “Kama Sutra” app to spice it up with your partner.

While these are absolutely fine for adults, your kids (who can now see all your purchases) may not need to be exposed to such content.

Fortunately, there’s a feature that can help you hide content you don’t wish other family members to see/download.

Hide content on iTunes on Mac

  1. Go to iTunes on your Mac
  2. Access any content (music, movies, TV Shows…)
  3. You should see your name with a disclosure triangle on the right. You don’t need to click it but that’s how you can access content from other family members
  4. Simply hover over any content such as a movie then a little “x” will appear on the top left corner. Click it and it disappears. You have now hidden this specific movie from your family members.

Find your hidden content

  1. Go to iTunes on your Mac
  2. Click the “iTunes Store”
  3. Click “Account”
  4. Under “iTunes in the Cloud” you’ll see “Hidden Purchases”
  5. Click “Manage” then you’ll have access to your hidden purchases and can unhide them form here


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