Resize your Finder window in 2 clicks to view your files better

Finder is a great application on your Mac, pretty simple but vital to find the content on your computer and organize it.

Sometimes the Finder windows get either lost in the multitude of windows that are currently open on your screen or take up the entire screen if you’ve selected such view, which, in my opinion, may not be necessary.

The problem lies in that “regular” size of the window when you want to view a whole list of things and because of the small window size, you suddenly find yourself scrolling too much to find it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep that “regular” Finder window size that you like so much but to make it bigger sometimes when you’re scrolling through a whole list of files, just for a moment, then go back to its original size?

Well, I’ve got the solution for you!

Simply double-click the tool bar (top grey part) of a Finder window to temporarily increase its height so you can see more files at once.

Go ahead, try it, I’m waiting for you.

See? Pretty cool right?

When you double-click that top grey bar of the Finder window, it automatically adapts to the height necessary for you to view all your shortcuts on the sidebar on the left.

This will increase the height of the full window and allow you to view more.

What if you’re ready to bring it back to “normal” height?


Double-click the same area and it goes back to the height you had defined before.

I know, I know, no need to thank me, I’m glad you like it!

Questions? Suggestions? Ideas? The comment section below is entirely yours!

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