Is your Apple ID greyed out on the Apple App Store? Here’s how to fix it

How does an Apple ID work?

Your Apple ID is like your ID card that proves who you are when using the Apple App Store and other Apple services.
This means that when you purchase and download apps on your Mac, they get tied to that Apple ID to prove they’re yours.
So next time there’s an update for that app, it can only be done if you sign in with this specific Apple ID.

So why is the Apple ID greyed out then?

Good question. I’m glad you asked.

Let’s look at a scenario:
You bought a 21′ iMac for your assistant and worked for a year with her before realizing that your collaboration didn’t work as expected and you needed to part ways.

Your assistant had used her Apple ID to download certain apps on your iMac 21′ such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote.
These apps are now tied to her Apple ID, not yours.

So you’re ready to hire another assistant and would like to setup this computer for her.

When time comes to updates these apps, you won’t be able to as you don’t have your ex-assistant’s Apple ID password!

So then what, these apps can’t be updated anymore?

An easy fix…

Remember above, when I mentioned that apps get tied to an Apple ID?

Well, the easiest way to fix that issue is to delete those apps by going to Finder>Applications then delete them. You should also empty your trash at that point (it doesn’t hurt, it’s probably been ages since you’ve done so…!)

Now go back to the Apple App Store and check if there are any updates. Go to the main page called “Featured” then click on “Welcome” under “Quick Links” on the sidebar on the right.

It should now prompt you to login with your Apple ID and the greyed out one should have disappeared. Once logged in, you’ll have access to all other apps you’ve downloaded on other computers with that Apple ID.

So if you had purchased Pages, Numbers and Keynote in the past, they will be available as a free download in the “Purchases” section.

If the apps that require updates were third party apps purchased by your assistant, then you would need to purchase them again with your own Apple ID for them to remain on this computer that belongs to you or your company. This way, whomever uses it will always have access to updates for these apps. Needless to say, if it’s a business computer, we would recommend you ask your assistant to only use your personal/business Apple ID for the App Store to avoid such situation to occur again in the future.


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