iPhone Reset - How to fix most small issues | Apple TrainingSometimes, the good ‘ol trick to turn your device off then back on just is what you need

Although the iPhone is pretty well designed, it is not flawless.

You may have encountered minor issues like freezing, lagging, battery losing its charge really quickly, a call that can’t be hung up…

Well, for most of these small inconveniences, a good ‘ol iPhone reset does the trick.

How to reset your iPhone (without losing your data)

Simply hold the home button (the round one at the bottom) and the sleep button (the top right corner on iPhone 5 or right side on iPhone 6/6+) together until the screen goes black then wait for the Apple logo to come back on then release both at once.

That’s it! Were you expecting more steps?
Sorry to disappoint.

By following these steps, you’ll reset your iPhone while keeping your data intact and give an opportunity to your iPhone to start fresh.

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