In case of an emergency, the last thing you want is to fiddle around with passcodes and apps on your iPhone

In the new iOS 11, you can setup “Emergency SOS” to call emergency services, access your Medical ID or call emergency contacts.

This can be very handy in examples like in a car crash, when you’re lost in a remote location, if you suffer from a life-threatening medical condition or if you encounter people with a threatening attitude towards you.

Also, emergency services personnel may be able to use it to access your Medical ID if you’re found unconscious and gain valuable insight on who you are, your blood type, if you have any allergies, etc…

How to set it up

First, ensure you have your “Medical ID” setup.

Go to the Health app on your iPhone > Medical ID and fill out all important details related to your health and emergency contacts.

Second, to setup “Emergency SOS”, go to Settings > Emergency SOS and fine tune the settings according to your preferences.

How to use it

It’s easy, simply press 5 times repetitively on the sleep/wake button of your iPhone to bring the “Emergency SOS” screen up.

That’s it, you’re now even safer in case of an emergency!

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