You love your iPhone but it can be an expensive device so you may have opted for a low storage one (16GB, 32GB) to save money.

The apps, photos, videos and other data can quickly fill it up and provide you with a negative experience.

You could always bring it back to Apple to recycle it and get a credit towards a brand new one with larger storage or you can read further on how to optimize your storage by selecting which photos/videos you wish to carry with you in your pocket.

How to select which photos to sync to your iPhone

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac with the white USB cable and open iTunes
  2. Click the iPhone icon next to the dropdown menu “Music”
  3. Make sure your iPhone doesn’t have “iCloud Photos Library” on or it won’t let you sync photos manually (on your iPhone go to settings > your name at the top > iCloud > Photos > turn off “iCloud Photos Library”)
  4. On iTunes, click “Photos” on the sidebar on the left
  5. Check the box “Sync Photos”
  6. Choose which photos application your photos should be synced from (Photos, iPhoto, Aperture…)
  7. Instead of “All photos and albums”, select “Selected Albums”
  8. Go down and check only the albums you’d like to sync and watch the bar at the bottom show you how much storage space it will take on your iPhone
  9. Click “Apply” then watch your iPhone sync

You can now choose only what you’d like to carry in your pocket for the time being while managing the storage space on your iPhone.

Next time you wish to change the photos you’ve synced, simply repeat all steps above and uncheck albums you wish to delete from your iPhone and check the new ones to sync.

Voila! Easy, right?

Questions? Suggestions? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below.

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