Sometimes you need to “undo” some typing or “undo” deleting an email on iPhone, how do you do this?

While writing a text message or an email, sometimes you will, like on a computer, need to undo the latest changes you’ve performed.

Or maybe you’ve just swiped left to delete an email you actually didn’t want to delete.

Well, you can actually “undo” on iPhone too!

It’s actually very simple and fun…

To check if it’s on, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > turn on “Shake to undo”.

Now try it on, type a couple of words in a text message or email then grab your iPhone firmly in your hand (so it doesn’t fly across the room) then shake twice to undo.

The iPhone will prompt you to choose to Undo or Cancel so you can make your choice.

This is very useful in a lot of situations and can save you some time too if you’ve deleted an email by accident to recover it quickly (for emails, please be patient, the server may take a few seconds to bring it back).

Have you used it? Do you like it? Let us know below!

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